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The White label program is a great way to enter the international gambling market, saving tens of thousands of dollars.

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By purchasing a White label casino, customers get
A platform with more than 2000 games
These are products from the world’s leading suppliers (Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Novomatic, Gaminator, Endorphina, and others)
Relevant payment services
A wide range of recognisable and popular systems: from the support for bank transfers to the connection of international electronic programs and cryptocurrency wallets
Hosting and technical support service
Our team guarantees reliable and smooth operation and regular upgrades of the system
An individual design and branding
You will start working under your own exclusive logo
Providers for gambling and betting business
Rosloto experts look for the software from the popular providers for the quick pay-off of your business
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  • Quick launch
  • Convenient CMS
  • Reliable software
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Fair deal
  • Confidentiality
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Have you already taken on the role of the owner of a startup with a turnover of several hundred thousand dollars? It is time to make your dream come true.

All problems can be solved with the single-click ease ― we offer detailed consultations on the White label program, assistance in servicing the finished projects, and the introduction of new developments.

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Turnkey White Label Casino: How to Start a Ready-Made Business

A beginning entrepreneur can use the services of an already established company by posting his information on its website, and a so-called senior partner will provide him with a white label gaming platform, slot machines, tools, connections, partners —  in other words, elements for a successful opening of an online gambling club and its promotion.

White Label casino gaming platform

A parent company expects some interest of the income, and a gambling establishment will be free from studying the market, taking care of traffic, attracting customers, creating advertising campaigns and other elements that can make it successful and profitable. All these issues will be handled by a provider that has staff and experience in the casino area. Rosloto offers you to start a White Label casino with ease by resorting to us.

White Label Casino Meaning: What is in a Package?

What is a White Label casino? An activity of this format includes several services that provide beginning entrepreneurs with:

  • a special permit;
  • white label online casino software;
  • slots and betting products;
  • a set of popular payment systems;
  • hosting and a server (if necessary);
  • consultations of lawyers and marketers;
  • technical support.

Such things are very important for a subsidiary since, at the very beginning, it has to make customers interested in its services, start a web casino, and all actions that need to be taken require huge expenses, and in this case, it will get a chance not to spend money. In fact, a turnkey online casino service can be characterised with the same factors.

An online casino white label service means that a brand that was established recently receives a lot of opportunities — the right to use the service itself, the best tools, contacts, and documents of its patron without investing large funds. At the same time, it can promote its brand via the design, logo, promos, and bonuses.

As a result of such activities, an igaming operator can promote his business, attract players to the gaming site, and use tools of his senior partner.

How to start a White label Casino? Just contact the Rosloto support team and find out the cooperation details.

White Label Casino Cost

White Label casino cost: possible expenses

White Label for a casino usually costs less than ten thousand dollars. However, there are many white label casino providers who are ready to offer it for the future income (the profit that will be received by a casino during this partnership).

Obviously, money paid to a patron will give him an idea that intentions of a young company are serious. For this reason, it is always better to look at the circumstances and do what is most beneficial for both parties.

Via a “casino white label” service, subsidiaries can get from forty to sixty per cent of the income, and their senior partner takes the responsibility of paying out winnings. There are many white label gambling establishments that work on such terms, and it can act as proof of the profitability and effectiveness of a turnkey service.

Advantages of the White Label Casino

It is possible to open a new White Label casino website in a matter of days, and it does not require much money, efforts to receive a permit, and time expenditures. Just conclude a partnership agreement and provide a ready-made casino website, which the parent company will connect itself and integrate into it all the necessary functionality. Thus, beginning entrepreneurs will receive a ready-made casino.

Small investments that were made for the start of a White Label casino business will make up a tenth of those funds that need to be spent on an independent business organisation, and these finances will pay off very quickly.

There will be no need to purchase gambling software and pay a lot of money because you will already have a reliable and qualitative one.

Moreover, owners of casinos are not obliged to pay out huge winnings and jackpots and do not risk losing large sums of money at the beginning of the operation of their gambling clubs. The patron himself will do it, especially since such responsibility fell on him when he organised his business, and all these rules are set by himself and are written in his documents.

Experts say that by paying out the jackpot, any beginning entrepreneur can simply go out of business.

Technical support also plays an important role at the start of work because, at any time of the day, players can ask for help. If they do not receive competent advice or no advice at all, they will definitely lose the interest in a gambling club, which will make his reputation really bad, which, in turn, may become the reason for closing the casino.

So, let us summarise and name the positive aspects of white label casino software:

  1. The opening of a club will take less time.
  2. It is not necessary to obtain a permit.
  3. No need to invest a lot of money.
  4. You may not select the equipment — the best slots, payment processors, and other functionality will be installed by specialists of a senior partner.
  5. Software has already been developed and meets all international requirements.
  6. Large winnings are paid out by a parent company, and a subsidiary is safe from taking risks.
  7. By working with the patron firm, you can always count on the help of its specialists.

Negative Aspects of White Label Casino Solutions

After a project of the described type has just been launched, a new business has to observe the conditions of a senior partner because all the equipment belongs to him — from games to the payout service. For sure, it is good that it is fully responsible for everything but if you will suddenly want to change the products or any other functional components, then without the consent of the senior partner, it will not be possible. When a gambling club will become more experienced, hire more employees, and want to change its work, there may arise some problems and arguments between parties, and it can be very bad for the development of a casino.

When a subsidiary receives the entire set of gambling equipment, it cannot change anything in this scheme, especially because of the restrictions in advertising that appear since the senior partner has long developed its marketing plans and he will not change them easily.

By managing the work of technical support specialists, the parent company, of course, takes the responsibility, however, it turns out that players will turn to it, not to the subsidiary, which makes us understand “who is the boss”. But a young company has a choice — it may not use this service and just buy a turnkey casino.

What the Senior Partner will Pay Attention to

A plan. No parent company will conclude a partnership agreement with a beginning entrepreneur if he will not have a clear development plan because, in fact, it is an investor who invests his money in a new business. Therefore, whether he gets a new partner for money or it is a free white label casino offer — this is not important. Whether the new enterprise will bring income or not — this is what really matters.

Finances. A parent company, of course, will want to know if its potential partner has money because their absence means that he is insolvent and does not have serious intentions.

Ideas. Having studied the plan of action of the beginning entrepreneur and not seeing in it some unusual ideas, the parent company probably will not want to work with such a conservative partner. It is important to invent special features and provide uniqueness.

A website. Before a partner connects a new gaming site, he will carefully examine it, and if something turns out to be out of order or if he suspects the incompetence, the partnership simply will not work.

Experts Recommend

An excellent example of white label business opportunities is the offer of Slotegrator, a company that has a vast experience in this field.

The firm offers cooperation and provides, first of all, a white label online gaming platform where the partner can manage all the products.

Moreover, it has high-quality content and will be glad to share it with partners by installing the most in-demand slots and all the necessary programs for smooth operation on the website.

Slotegrator will provide you with trustworthy and fully transparent payment processors that are built on the financial scheme of an experienced operator. Also, it is possible to order a bitcoin white label casino.

The firm guarantees its partners technical, professional, and legal support, and that it will secure it against all sorts of problems. Slotegrator’s best White Label gambling solution is worth a single invested dollar.

You can purchase a turnkey casino from Slotegrator through Rosloto.

One-click purchase!

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Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert

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Mega-Profitable Business Right Now

Have you already taken on the role of the owner of a startup with a turnover of several hundred thousand dollars? It is time to make your dream come true.

All problems can be solved with the single-click ease ― we offer detailed consultations on the White label program, assistance in servicing the finished projects, and the introduction of new developments.

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