Where is Online Gambling Legal in the EU? The Rosloto Expert Answers


With the development of modern technologies, it doesn’t matter where you are located. You can enjoy your favourite gambling activities anytime you have a stable internet connection and a compatible device. The situation is a bit different for the operators. They can’t register their gambling platforms wherever they want. Some countries restrict or completely prohibit industry development on their market. At the same time, things aren’t so grim as you might think. Certain countries, specifically from the EU, are the world’s most popular registration destinations, providing convenient conditions for developing your gambling business. Rosloto has prepared a list of these countries for you to choose a “home” for your online gambling platform.

Online gambling in Europe (the EU)

Where is Online Gambling Licensing Legal in the EU?

Since all the EU countries are autonomous when it comes to gambling regulations, they are free to provide these services as they see it necessary as long as they agree with the fundamentals of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. Some countries have established a monopoly on gambling, with only a single state company leading all the operations, not allowing foreign ones to join the market. Meanwhile, some jurisdictions open their doors to everybody willing to organize a gambling business on their premises. Of course, prestige and destination’s popularity plays a significant role here, so operators usually tend to choose among these variants — the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

The UK Gambling

The regulatory act of the country was formed back in 2005 by the UK Gambling Commission. If you are willing to get a local license, you should resort to the controlling authoritative bodies for one (or several) types of permits:

  • online poker tables;
  • bingo;
  • sports betting;
  • lottery.

Unlike most other EU countries, the UK government doesn’t criminalize online gambling but creates a favourable environment for both players and businessmen. The most profitable type here is sports betting. There are numerous online betting stores registered in this jurisdiction, making it possible for people to combine their favourite hobby (watching sports) with the ability to make money.

However, the local requirements ask each player to undergo an identification procedure by at least two features to personalize all gamblers in case of any violations and machinations. Meanwhile, all conscious players are highly protected since the country implies severe punishments for each company, not respecting healthy gambling.

German Gambling

German gambling market

Unlike the open and stable scheme in the United Kingdom, Germany has repeatedly changed its regulations. With the amendments in 2008, all types of private online types of gambling, except for betting on horse racing, were banned. The government offered its own opportunities for gambling. In 2010, the European Court of Justice obliged the local Gaming Commission to reject the monopoly and make the regulation more liberal. Later, in 2012, the Interstate Treaty on Gambling made it possible for the businessmen to enter the German market and start offering their services.

Even though it is very complicated to enter the German gambling market, the local audience is thirsty for this type of entertainment. Therefore, many businessmen try hard and spend a lot of resources to obtain the license in this jurisdiction because of the estimated income in the future.

French Gambling

Unfortunately for the operators who want to start online casinos, France isn’t a place to do it. The local Gambling commission offers favourable opportunities for opening sports betting, betting on horse riding, and online poker establishments. The last ones are particularly widespread among the locals.

Spanish Gambling

The local regulations have been changed continuously up to 2012. Since then, the gambling activities are allowed for the companies registered on the premises of the jurisdiction. The most widespread ones are sports betting and online poker tables. However, the rivalry is exceptionally rigid here since some of the gambling tycoons rule the market and prevent smaller companies from developing.

Italian Gambling

Similarly to other countries, Italy had a monopoly on all online gambling activities up until 2010 when the EU Court of Justice made the local authorities create the necessary opportunities for the private business. Since then, the local authorities issue gambling licenses for the new operators in case they prove they are credible companies on the market.

How do You Organize an Online Gambling Platform in One of the EU Countries?

Of course, it can be quite sophisticated to organize everything by yourself. Apart from tons of resources, you will also need a lot of time and concentration to accomplish all legal proceedings when it concerns licensing. Luckily, the gambling market features such helpful guide companies as Rosloto. They provide invaluable aid for the new operators who are willing to start their platforms on the territory of the EU.

Contact us today and we will discuss all the peculiarities of your future platform.

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