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  1. 1. Benefits of the Webcash Payment Gateway
  2. 1.1. Ultrafast payment processing
  3. 1.2. Effective business processes
  4. 1.3. Quick installation
  5. 1.4. Low commission fees
  6. 1.5. Analytics and data
  7. 1.6. Access to a new audience
  8. 2. The Webcash Payment Gateway: How to Install?

Webcash Payment Gateway

The Webcash payment gateway is modern and can be easily used on various websites. Its main advantage is the ability to accept all types of transfers of money in one place. It does not matter whether we are talking about credit card processing, Internet banking services or e-wallets.

Webcash payment gateway

The Webcash payment gateway was created by Kiple, which deals with all transfers. The brand was established in Malaysia but in just a few years it was able to enter the international market. Now it works with the most popular services in the world. That is why online casinos choose KiplePay.

You can install a full-featured KiplePay payment solution with the help of specialists from Rosloto that integrates online casino software, tests it, and launches it within a matter of hours. Besides, here you can always get other interesting modules that are necessary for the development of a gambling project. Contact us right now!

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Benefits of the Webcash Payment Gateway

The KiplePay system has some really cool features. Now we will tell you why you should pay your attention to it and think about installing on your website.

Ultrafast payment processing

The main problem with E-Check transactions is that its processing takes too long. Most of the services with similar payment options process each transfer during five or six days. Webcash was able to find an interesting solution to this problem, and today it guarantees that financial transactions will take forty-eight hours maximum.

Effective business processes

Thanks to the fast transfer of payments, your customers remain more relaxed and confident in the quality of the services provided on your website. It increases the level of trust and ensures that gamblers will come back to your casino over and over again.

Gambler using casino website

Quick installation

Kiple understands that time is extremely important when you are running a business. Every minute of inactivity sometimes turns into high expenses. Therefore, the Webcash payment gateway can be installed and configured in a matter of minutes.

Low commission fees

Another reason why the Webcash payment system has reached success in the market of online money transfers is a very low commission fee. Compared to the most similar systems, we can say that KiplePay is incredibly generous.

Analytics and data

The service provides statistics on the use of the Webcash payment channel by your customers on an ongoing basis. It allows you to find out about their tastes, preferences, behavioural patterns, and, in the future, provide them with more high-quality services.

Access to a new audience

Kiple has developed an interactive map, which shows data on each of the partners: advantages, the scope of activity, special offers, and discounts. When you integrate Webcash into your website, the information on your casino appears on the map, and new players, including people from other countries, will be able to join the game.

In addition, the brand has different versions of online casino software that allow gamblers to pay via a browser or a mobile device. It also increases the frequency of use of this particular channel by regular players.

The Webcash Payment Gateway: How to Install?

Webcash payment gateway installation

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of good payment software in the work of online casinos. Gambling is an extremely profitable area, and owners of gambling clubs want not only to earn money but also keep them and always see the banking account with pleasure. Indeed, in this field, it is impossible not to face with fraudsters.

Therefore, all payment solutions that will be integrated into your gaming site must be reliable, resistant to external attacks, and secure. In order to avoid unpleasant incidents, it is better to install the licensed software. In the beginning, you will need several services that specialise in different types of financial transactions.

Also, it will be necessary for you to deal with the installation and customisation of these services. These tasks can be completed by the Rosloto company, which is one of the leading vendors that offers software for Internet casinos for merchants.

Rosloto is an official dealer of the world's largest software vendors. Our product range includes gaming platforms, slots, payment modules, and advanced security systems for online gambling clubs. Moreover, you can always purchase from us a gambling project on a turnkey basis or rent a casino for several days!

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Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
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