Top 5 Advantages of HTML5 Games


Is it true that a Flash technology is in its final days? A slow, fragile, and a difficult to move platform simply can’t exist in a world where time is valued more than anything else. It is as annoying as someone's big and slow-moving body in the subway at the rush hour. The development of a game takes a long time, and the pages download for a long time also, thus making people want to sleep instead of gamble. You can do anything but I will not work faster, it just shows its maximum.

In 2010, Steve Jobs gave his preference to the competitor of this technology — HTML5. He gave his laconic comments on the Flash technology: «It is no longer needed». Of course, users have different preferences and tastes but we must admit that the prospects for the HTML5 platform look pretty magnificent.

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Specialists of the Rosloto company chose five main advantages of HTML5 games to explain what Steve Jobs probably meant.

Advantages of HTML5 Games

  1. Mobile version. HTML5 technology can be easily used on mobile gadgets.
  2. Cost. HTML5 games are developed at free access so you do not need to pay any fees for the license.
  3. Popularity. The creation of an HTML5 game is chosen by more than seventy per cent of people who use products of the online market.
  4. Speed. The development of HTML5 games takes place as quickly as possible in comparison with other applications. However, the quality still remains high.
  5. Beauty. HTML5 games are developed using SVG — vector graphics that allow you to zoom without losing the quality.

1. The adequate display in a mobile environment

HTML5 mobile slot games

HTML5 is easy to use on mobile devices. If we take into account the expansion of the mobile environment and the common usage of interactive video in the field of shopping and entertainment, it will be possible to say that the open structure of HTML5 turns up just at the right moment.

2. The cost of development

HTML5 slot game development

The openness of the HTML5 format has a pleasant influence on its cost: since games are developed at free access, you do not need to pay any license fees. The technology is constantly being improved and hundreds and thousands of resources and training programs will soon be released so that the creation of HTML5 games becomes even more easy and modern.

3. The reasonable popularity in the field of gambling

Casino HTML5 platform

A huge number of casino games were installed exactly on the HTML5 platform. In general, the creation of an HTML5 game is chosen now by more than seventy per cent of users of the market of online products. The sound effects and graphics are amazing, the presence of an ability to use the application on a smartphone, games that work in any browser and on any OS — and at the same time the quality of the product only increases!

4. Speed

Browser-based HTML5 games are really fast

What can be more pleasant than to bring the idea to life? HTML5 provides customers with this opportunity — the development of games takes place as quickly as possible in comparison with other applications, and at the same time, quality does not have to be sacrificed. Users also feel comfortable: browser-based HTML5 games are really fast.

5. Beauty

The beauty of HTML5 casino games

When it comes to the game, the appearance is almost as important as its speed and the absence of brakes. HTML5 games are developed with the use of SVG — vector graphics that allow players to zoom the picture without losing its quality.

Of course, it would be naive to assume that with its undoubted advantages, HTML5 games do not have any disadvantages as well. For sure, there are some of them but Rosloto's team of specialists can take into account all the nuances and recommend you solutions that will be perfect for your business.

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However, even the existing problems are temporary since the technology is being developed, all its functions and capabilities will be improved and gain momentum.

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