The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Gambling: What Does Tomorrow Promise us?


In this article, we are going to tell you about the development prospects of AI technology in the field of gambling.

AI technology in gambling

If we are talking about AI as an academic concept, then we should consider it as a derivation process of an intelligent computer program. A key aspect of this software is its capability to learn and analyse data. Artificial intelligence was initially designed to complete intellectual and creative tasks.

A. Samuel, a cybernetic from the USA, was among the first to decide to use AI with reference to gambling. Back in the early 1960s, he has developed a computer program, which could play checkers. It was unique because it was a learning program that could improve its skills thanks to the gained experience.

1962 was marked by the program’s duel with the world's best checkers player, whose name was R. Neely. Surprisingly, the computer has won. Since that moment, the era of exploring and improving the software, which is functioning with the help of AI, has begun.

Currently, there appeared many methods of building of AI, which it is possible to divide into two large categories:

  1. AI, which was created with the help of a semiotic approach;
  2. AI, which was created with the help of a biological approach.

The basis of the first category lies in the reproduction of the principle of the human-level reasoning. And the aim of the biological approach is to apply natural evolutionary algorithms. These are the so-called neural networks, which simulate intellectual functioning.

Nowadays, the most successful developments are related to the second category. A principle of computer-aided learning is applied in the gambling industry more and more often.

AI is frequently used to build the loyalty of customers towards a casino. But these technologies have also found their way into scientific and cognitive activities.

Gambling and Neural Networks: Utilizable Developments

Today, many solutions are actively practised in iGaming. Last year was marked by the presentation of an innovative online casino platform with the built-in artificial intelligence from BtoBet. Well-thought-out marketing and a large-scale beta testing campaign allowed the software to reach the world level. Today the product from BtoBet continues to go upscale.

Gambling platform and neural networks

The priority of the software is to monitor the behaviour of gamblers and provide the necessary response to each action. Thus, CAT can independently stay in tune with the demands of gamblers, which allows operators to retain regular customers.

Online casino software tracks the behaviour of a user within the framework of social networks, clients for mobile devices, etc. That is why it is possible to introduce new solutions in due time to satisfy the demands of customers and provide competitiveness to the web resource.

AI has found a wide use in poker that has always got scientists interested, which had a good effect on the popularity of gambling in the online space. Here the received information is not complete and reliable, a chance outcome is of high importance, and to guess a finite quantity is physically impossible.

In Texas Hold'em, the most popular kind of poker, there are no restrictions at all. The first version was launched three years ago. The most skilled gamblers played with a computer called Claudico.

Another world-famous development, which was created thanks to the cooperation of professors from three universities, is the DeepStack AI system. During the tournament with thirty-three poker professionals, this system has demonstrated a success criterion of 492mbb/g. So that you understand the scale: experienced players consider the results to be excellent within 100mbb/g.

To date, the most effective system is called Libratus. During the battle of professional poker players that continued for twenty days, it has gained a flawless victory. It is worth noting that Libratus had to compete with four true gurus of poker. Nowadays, this business thinks long and hard about the application of Libratus CAT in gambling establishments.

Recently, the casino industry has begun to actively discuss the problem of ludomania (the gaming addiction). For this reason, many countries have banned gambling activities, which significantly cripples the development of iGaming. However, the results of recent studies are encouraging. In the near future, AI technologies will be actively used to struggle against ludomania.

City University London has managed to create a fundamentally new system with the use of the artificial intelligence. It reveals even the slightest deviation in the behaviour of a casino visitor and allows operators to take measures so that this pathology does not turn into a real focusing illusion.

Artificial intelligence

To launch this unique platform, analysts had to cooperate with the BetBuddy company – a famous software vendor.

As a result, BetBuddy has presented an advanced development in the field of iGaming, which can monitor the behaviour of users. Bayesian and neural networks can define a behavioural model. Also, a unique algorithm was integrated into the new system that is able to determine and report all critical situations.

It allows operators to react quickly and block the account of a problem gambler, set limits, etc.

Distinctive features of the platform

Currently, the most outstanding AI capabilities that are successfully implemented are provided by two companies:

  1. BetBuddy. Its product is aimed at tracking the slightest changes in the gambler’s behaviour in due time and preventing the beginning of ludomania. Unique mathematical algorithms and CAT will help operators to enhance the quality of service and will promote the growth of the project.
  2. BtoBet. It offers a smart platform that allows operators to adapt the system to the actual needs and expectations of customers. The product of BtoBet is gaining popularity very quickly and is already used by many owners of gambling projects all over the world.

Artificial Intelligence: What Will Happen to Gambling in the Future?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is actively used in many branches of the human activity. Basically, we do not even realise that we are dealing with AI. Ten years ago it seemed to be a fantasy but now it has turned into our everyday life. Computer technologies have surpassed human capabilities, which is clearly demonstrated by recent research.

And it is not surprising since iGaming is a high-tech sphere, which is growing rapidly and implementing new systems in the improved platforms, thus making the gambling business more successful. According to a rule of thumb, exactly the casino software with integrated AI is the future of gambling.

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