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Telegram Casino: the Future of Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling: Telegram casino

Technologies are in rapid evolution, thanks to which today any adult user of the Telegram messenger can play his favourite video slots, no matter where he lives. But Telegram casino is not only about slot machines. Modern chat bots allow you to play card games, roulette, and blackjack.

The popularity of mobile messengers has increased in 2016. Many people even began to use them as an alternative to cellular communications. A casino in Telegram is a vivid example of how wide the new generation of Internet communications has become.

A Bit of History

Telegram appeared in the world market in the spring of 2013. Developers made a bid for the maximum security of user data and did not make a mistake because nobody could hack the program and uncover traffic. Also, there is no advertising here, files are transmitted at high speed, and messages are sent without problems even when there is a bad connection.

All these advantages, as well as a smart marketing policy, made for the fact that the audience of the messenger has exceeded one hundred million people, and this number is still growing.

In the spring of 2016, the company has launched a package of tools for the creation of chatbots on the basis of its platform, thus drawing ahead of even such a giant as Facebook. Chatbots turned the messaging application into a full-fledged virtual world, in which people work, communicate, and have fun.

The Slotegrator company has considered new opportunities and decided that Telegram is an ideal platform with the help of which it is possible to set up a gambling business in those territories where the government has blocked access to online casinos. The secure encryption and the lack of ability to control what is going on inside the program make the Telegram casino an incredibly promising sphere of action.

Slotegrator gambling platform with Telegram casino

Who Visits the Casino in Telegram?

In many countries across the world, online casinos are banned in terms of legislation, and all gambling traffic is blocked by regulators. The only way out for those players who live in such a government is the Telegram casino.

It is a social casino of a new generation that makes entertainment content accessible to everyone. Moreover, Telegram enables operators to work in regions with the bad connection and technically weak devices.

It is worth noting that the most of current online resources of online casinos are quite demanding. They are overfilled with all kinds of graphics effects that overload devices. All this has a bad influence on casinos and the quality of the content playback.

Since the messenger feels great in an environment with slow Internet and does not require advanced hardware for a stable operation, the casino gambling platform becomes a good solution for those who live in such countries.

Modern gambling operators should use chatbots to ensure the maximum coverage of the audience. Such a mobile casino does not require the installation of the additional software or the launch of individual applications.

The Operation Principles and Advantages of the Telegram Casino

The basis of the casino in Telegram is an online casino platform. When players launch a bot in the program, it automatically connects to the server with the platform. Depending on the features of the chat, you need to enter text command orders or press buttons to control the gameplay. Depositing, betting, withdrawing of the won funds – all this is very convenient since the interface is as simple as it is only possible.

The Telegram casino can look like a chat or have a full-fledged graphical interface. The creation of an online casino involves the development of a platform and a bot that is connected to it, and that passes messages of players.

The chatbot is a kind of an emulator program that acts as an intermediary between the casino software and the user. Gamblers enter a command order, which, in turn, is transferred to the platform. It processes the request, launches the game round, and sends the results back to the chat.

If the comfort of players steps forward, in this case, the creation of an online casino based on the messenger will have to provide for the development of a beautiful interface. It is important to understand that the Telegram casino is visited by supporters of the mobile gambling who are not interested in huge winnings. Such gamblers play only for fun. That is why you should pay attention to the colourful visual component.

This kind of gambling has good prospects for further development: currently, it is the most confidential and accessible way to gamble.

Online gambling platform

The Creation of an Online Casino in Telegram

It is not as easy to launch an online casino in Telegram as it might seem at first glance. Behind a simple chat, there is an established algorithm of interaction between the bot and the platform. For a qualitative structuring of the chatbot, you need to make every effort. Everything should be designed in such a way that players had to do a minimum of clicks.

After this, you should pay attention to the platform.

You have to settle many issues:

  • How to deposit funds on the account?
  • What is the principle of the creation of bonus systems and how to offer them to players?
  • What is necessary to do with referral links?
  • What games should be chosen and how to get its act together?

This list is not nearly complete because the launch of such projects requires the consideration of many factors. To date, Slotegrator is the only manufacturer that develops the described kinds of solutions.

To create online casinos of this type, employees of the company study all wishes of clients, and then they invent a concept on this basis.

After the manufacturer and the customer got an agreement on all issues connected with the project, the work begins:

  1. A bot is created. It is an excellent tool, with the help of which today you can enter completely new markets where players are spoiling for gambling (we are talking about countries where all gambling traffic is blocked).
  2. A back office is developed. Operators receive a multifunctional system for the administration of a project. With its help, it is possible to customise the website, the content, adjust the visual design, and organise the mailout.
  3. Transactions are customised. Specialists organise the process of depositing and withdrawal of funds, and also they integrate instruments into the Telegram casino for more financial security.
  4. The game content is selected. The online casino platform from the Slotegrator company comes with a package of high-quality slot machines from the world's leading providers.
  5. The desktop version is prepared. Thanks to a special desktop solution, participants can watch the gameplay directly from their computers, and commands can be ordered with the help of a messenger. For all games, a special design is invented.

The Telegram casino is a great way to propel your business to the next level. To become one of the first to release the Telegram version of your casino, you need to contact Rosloto. This company offers high-quality solutions from Slotegrator’s specialists.

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Do not miss this true sign of faith. In the meantime, while you are having some doubts, competitors integrate new features into their projects and conquer the market. But with Rosloto, you will always stay ahead of the curve.

Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert

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