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The Correct Way of Promoting Your Gambling Establishment

It is quite difficult to promote online casinos. It seems that we see advertising for gaming clubs every now and then but it only seems so. We can recognise it from the first letters and scenes. In fact, the competition in this market is really strong. The advertising of casinos on the Internet costs almost half of monthly earnings, which means tens of thousands of dollars.

How to promote and advertise internet casinos

A pressure is turned up also by the fact that the largest advertising platforms on the Google Network and Facebook refuse to push any gambling projects. Therefore, you need to invent workarounds or choose a veiled advertising.

Specialists from the Rosloto company know how to make the advertising campaign effective, despite all prohibitions and difficulties. We strongly recommend you to order the development of the promotion of your gaming club from Rosloto.

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The Promotion of Gambling Establishments in Search Results

A range of measures that are aimed at improving the site's position among search results is called SEO optimisation. This is a key element to success, from which any online website starts its promotion.

The SEO promotion includes:

  • addition of search words to the content of all pages of the site;
  • the thought-out connection between sections and creation of the website map;
  • placement of links to casinos on external resources (experts recommend to place two or four articles per month on websites with a high level of TIC and PR);
  • periodic checking of the website for errors and their correction.

The main problem with SEO is that algorithms of search engines are changing constantly. And what was effective only yesterday, today can lead your online business under sanctions. There is only one possible solution – outsourcing.

SEO promotion of online casino business

Promotion with the use of the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network includes all partner websites of Google where you can place an advertisement via the Adwords system. Texts, banners, and even small gif-pictures catch the interest of users and bring them to your casino.

Unfortunately, the rules of this system do not allow operators to place the direct advertisement gaming clubs. There are two workarounds but both are connected with certain risks. It is better to use them along with other ways of promotion.

How to promote a casino on the Google Display Network:

1. Create several websites with useful information for gamblers, such as the selection of reviews on games or a blog of a gambler. There must be no slot games but there is an opportunity to place a lot of active buttons, images, and links, by clicking on which players will go to the website.

  • Risks: too long and confusing. Users may simply not "reach" the casino or the traffic will be very low. However, you will need to spend a large amount of money on the creation of additional websites and on the advertising itself.

2. Customise the redirect. This method also requires a ready-made website without games. When the landing page is ready, set up advertising, and redirect visitors to the casino page automatically.

  • Risks: there may be sanctions of search engines.

The Google Display Network is also famous for its high price of one click. We have already mentioned at the beginning of the article that the competition in the gambling niche is very strong, and for this reason, costs for the advertising are getting higher literally every day. Therefore, the second method must be used very carefully.

It is also important to monitor the indicators daily and delete those advertisements that do not bring the expected results.

The Promotion of Online Casinos in Social Networks

The situation with Facebook is about the same – here it is impossible to promote a casino directly. But, firstly, there are many other social networks. And secondly, you can promote your project without advertising tools.

Thus, a good result is shown by the pages of the projects themselves. Here you can tell users about your new slot machines, competitions and drawings, in which they can take part, and announce the beginning of promos, sales, etc. We would also like to note that all links from social networks are well indexed and have a big influence on SEO.

For the creation of an exciting content for your resource, find out about the methods of the promotion of gambling establishments in your country and abroad. It is often possible to get good ideas from them.

The promotion of online casinos in social networks

E-mail Marketing for Casinos

In the summer of 2018, a questioning of marketers of different levels took place. Its aim was to find out how often they use e-mail marketing in their work. It turned out that 59% of all sales are made with this tool! And this can be said about all spheres of action.

In case you have not started collecting e-mail addresses of clients yet, you should do it in the first place (after SEO, of course). E-mail marketing helps not only to tell users about promos and news.

Here is what else it can bring casino owners:

  • increased traffic;
  • repeated return of players who have once visited your gaming site;
  • awareness of customers on the possibility of winning huge prizes;
  • a constant reminder of your casino.

Among the most effective and preferable ways for casino owners to promote their gambling establishments, we can name affiliate networks. The essence of this method lies in the fact that customers place advertising banners on websites with similar subjects.

Affiliate networks in casino marketing

This method is attractive for several reasons:

  • the absence of prohibitions; after getting a refusal from one site, it is possible to immediately place an advertisement on another;
  • it is easier to find the audience that you need on websites with similar themes;
  • there is a chance to lure a part of gamblers away from another casino.

There are different partner systems where you can advertise gambling profitably. Among them, there are even those that are designed specifically to promote gambling and/or gambling products. But you can also try networks with broader themes.

The launch of ads through affiliate programs usually happens like this: you place several advertisements (banners), allow them to work a few days, and then look at how effective it was. Then, it will be necessary to stop cooperating with websites that brought little traffic and redistribute the budget in favour of affiliate programs with high rates.

The Increase of the Level of Players’ Loyalty

It is essential to know what clients think about your gaming club as a whole. Thus, you can take an opinion poll directly on the website. For sure, other tools also exist.

The following questions must be answered:

  1. Are gamblers happy with the work of the site?
  2. Will they come back again?
  3. Would they recommend your gaming site to their friends or not?
  4. Have they got a positive impression about the deposit and withdrawal of funds?
  5. What should be improved on the website?
  6. What works poorly?

This is the base, and then you can discuss each topic in more detail and gradually make those gamblers who visit your resource feel as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For sure, you yourself can recall several websites, on which you spent a lot of time without noticing it at all.

For being able to truly win the hearts of gamblers, not with unique slots (although it is a good move), and make users more loyal to the brand, it is necessary to constantly heighten their interest in your gambling platform.

Launch promos, discounts, drawings, and give bonuses to the most active gamblers. The loyalty program always works well. For example, for depositing one thousand dollars, provide users with additional 3%. Who will refuse such a pleasant surprise?

Analytics is Our Everything

It is impossible to promote online casinos without the web analytics. It is a tool that shows how efficiently you spend your marketing budget, how many visitors you get and how users prefer to open your gambling establishment in the browser.

Web analytics in online casino marketing

To begin with, you need to become familiar with such services as Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics. First of all, you should add a special code to the website that tracks users’ behaviour – where they click, how much time it takes for them to look through each part of the page, where they come from to your website, and much more.

Each analyst has his own set of indicators, on the basis of which he makes a conclusion about the work of the website as a whole. Therefore, we will not focus on this.

How Much Time and Money is Needed for the Advertising Campaign?

This question can be answered in two ways:

  1. About time. Each method requires plenty of time. The result of the advertising with the help of a banner can be reached in an hour after its launch. From the e-mail marketing – in a day. And the effectiveness of the SEO promotion can be analysed not less than in three or four months.
  2. About money. The promotion of any project requires a big investment. And in the case of the promotion of online casinos, investments will be huge. It is about the half of earnings that you are planning to receive in the future. This is the amount of money that was named by experienced entrepreneurs.

The Professional Promotion of Online Casinos

Advertising is a very interesting field. You may wonder how flexible it is and how it allows you to reach those people who are interested in your services.

If you want to attract the audience that will bring you a lot of profit, please contact specialists from Rosloto. We deal with the complex promotion of different projects and know how to bypass the ban on the advertising. Moreover, we offer you to purchase a ready-made gambling business or order the development of an individual project from scratch.

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