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The organisation of gambling is the most profitable business of our time. The main thing is not to forget that the casino, like any other type of entrepreneurial activity, is subject to mandatory legalisation.

Employees of Rosloto have gathered comprehensive information on how to get a casino license, what are the benefits of the activity that is official, and how much will a permit for a gambling project cost.

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Why it is Necessary to Obtain an Online Casino License

The legalisation of the online casino

The legalisation of the platform is an official procedure that allows applicants to provide gambling services on certain territories. The document shows that the company carries out safe transactions, guarantees payouts of winnings, and is controlled by independent auditors.

The presence of a license is one of the main confirmations of the good reputation and image of the website.

An online casino license can be presented in two formats:

  1. An international certificate gives the right to conduct gambling activities in different countries.
  2. An internal permit (activities can be performed only in the country that has issued the document).


Online casino with a license: advantages of the legal operation

Advantages of a gambling license

The description

Legal activities

The presence of appropriate documents allows you to provide services without the unwanted attention of the authorities

The best suppliers

The world’s leading software developers work only with certified gaming sites. An online casino with a license can offer customers the latest releases in the market

Reliable partners

The legalisation of a gambling project allows you to count on cooperation with big investors, well-known developers, and banking institutions

Loyal audience

Gamblers will more likely entrust their money to a website with the public information on the license number and certificates for the software than risk on little-known gaming sites that can promise instant payouts and a good bonus

VIP players

A player who likes to place big bets in any game prefers reliable websites with an impeccable reputation

How to Get a Casino License: the legal Aspect of the Matter

As a rule, the procedure takes a lot of time and requires that operators make thorough legal preparations.

Before starting a casino licensing procedure, the owner of the resource must collect the following documents:

  • confirmation of the registration of a legal entity;
  • package of documents that includes the information on the actual address of the enterprise (receipts for telephone and utility bills, etc.);
  • original document and a copy of the contract with a banking institution;
  • certificate of the presence of a reserve fund (the size of the deposit is established by the representative office of the selected offshore);
  • documents that confirm the clean record;
  • evidence of the sufficient experience in occupying executive positions.

It is important to remember that there is no single international standard for the legalisation of gambling projects. Each of the offshore jurisdictions reserves the right to create a personal list of requirements for applicants and the ability to refuse to consider the application. For example, operators may have to open a local representative office or to contribute a capital only to the specific bank.

Such a service as the development of a turnkey online casino with a license from Rosloto will help you to avoid all pitfalls in the registration procedure. We provide full-service support for the project by skilled professionals with many years of working experience. We take care of all legal formalities and guarantee the fastest possible resolution of all issues in your favour.

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How Much is a Casino License: Top 5 Gambling Offshore Zones

Cost of a license: gambling offshore zones

Casino licensing in foreign jurisdictions is a perfect solution for projects of the international format.

We offer a list of the most popular offshore zones focused on the legalisation of gambling projects:

Isle Of Man

The jurisdiction offers 3 formats of licenses:

  • A permit for the organisation of the network entertainment.
  • A full license (it is relevant for the entrepreneurs who own land-based and virtual locations).
  • A sublicense (provision of gambling services with some restrictions).

The cost of a license:

  • 5 thousand pounds — a non-refundable registration fee;
  • 35 thousand pounds — the cost of a document per year;
  • 0.1-1.5% — annual tax rate.


This offshore zone issues 4 types of permits for online operators: virtual casino, lottery, sports betting, and poker rooms. Also, it provides for the issuance of a separate format of the document for the developers of gambling software. The certificates are valid for 5 years.

Having decided to buy a casino license in Malta, applicants must have the following amount of money:

  • 2,230 dollars — a registration fee and the application processing;
  • 8500 dollars — annual maintenance of the document;
  • 4600—7000 dollars — monthly tax payments;
  • 100 thousand dollars — a mandatory reserve fund.

Antigua and Barbuda

The price of an online casino with this license will is the following:

  • 100 thousand dollars — a fee for the application processing;
  • 25 thousand — annual maintenance.

Costa Rica

The republic does not provide specialised gambling permits — it is enough for applicants to obtain a commercial license for data processing.

The decision to buy a casino license in Costa Rica guarantees the following benefits:

  • tax-free business system;
  • stable political and economic environment;
  • this jurisdiction is not an offshore zone (operators can count on loyal partnering relationships with the American and European markets);
  • the authorised body offers legal support services for projects.


The price of the legalisation of gambling business:

  • 2,000 euros — a one-time registration fee;
  • 1,500 euros — a monthly subscription fee;
  • 2% — tax payments (it is relevant for remote enterprises that do not have a local representative office).

How to Check a Casino for a License: a Profitable Advice From Rosloto

Checking сasino license: advices

The public information on the number of a license on the provider's website is sometimes not enough to verify the authenticity of the resource.

The service for verifying the serial number and period of validity of a license is provided by the following jurisdictions:

  • Great Britain;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Malta;
  • Isle Of Man;
  • Alderney.


The presence of a permit is the key to a successful work and a good reputation of the gaming site. Moreover, it is useful for operators to know not only about the benefits of the legalisation procedure but also about how to check the casino for a license.

You can contact Rosloto specialists for legal support and legalisation of the gambling business. We are ready not only to provide professional consultations but also to develop a turnkey online casino with a license.

Business with Rosloto means access to the latest releases in the market, attractive prices, and discounts for regular customers. We guarantee the anonymity and full payback of the project in 2—6 months.

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