Online Casino Affiliate Programs: The Best Marketing Tool from Rosloto


Online casino affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to promote a gambling project. Affiliate systems not only proved their efficiency in the conditions of fierce competition but also allowed the owners of the gambling business to achieve good profits with minimal time and financial costs.

The Rosloto team will answer who are the affiliates and how to work with them, describe the advantages of this marketing tool, and tell how the casino affiliate program works. We offer incredibly convenient turnkey business solutions and are ready to help in organizing an exclusive service adapted to your requirements.

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What is an Affiliate System?

The principle of affiliate system

Online casino affiliate programs is a highly efficient marketing tool for internet promotion of a gambling website.

The principle of the system:

  1. The advertiser (owner of the gambling platform) provides partners with unique links to their resources.
  2. The casino affiliate displays ads on their websites.
  3. A potential audience gets acquainted with the advertising information and is forwarded to the advertiser’s website.
  4. The partner of the system receives income according to the pre-arranged agreement.

Who are the Affiliates, and How to Work with Them?

Actually, there is no exact answer to the question of who are casino affiliates. In fact, anyone can become a participant in this marketing program.

Most often, the gambling platform owners resort to the following partners:

  • the owners of personal websites, pages on thematic forums, YouTube channels, etc.;
  • bloggers;
  • the network users having active social interaction on different resources;
  • traffic arbitrage workers;
  • webmasters.
  • The main task of each participant is to attract new users to the advertiser’s site. In the majority of cases, partners are experienced gamblers.

The casino affiliate uses the following solutions in the operational process:

  • a variety of advertising materials (from traditional banners to text links and exclusive content – photos, video inserts, news periodicals, and unique mini-games);
  • streaming (live broadcast of the gaming process);
  • blogs and pages on specialized forums;
  • thematic publications in social networks (recommendations to beginning players, new products reviews, gaming market news);
  • participation in gambling conferences, ratings, and exhibitions.

Casino Affiliate Program: Key Benefits

Casino affiliate program: key benefits

Promoting your website with affiliate marketing, you receive a wide range of perks:

  1. Increase in active traffic. Project partners are interested in attracting productive users since each action of a new client provides the affiliate with a monetary reward.
  2. Targeted expenditures. The owner of the portal pays only for the result.
  3. Time-saving. The investor doesn’t promote the project directly: all operations are carried out by a network of partners interested in the quality of the traffic provided.
  4. The popularization of the establishment. Placing advertising information on thematic forums contributes to wider brand recognition.
  5. Results control. As a rule, the casino affiliate program contains a special analytical module that allows you to manage all the internal processes of the system. This tool helps the casino owner to track the quality and frequency of visits, identify promising traffic sources, and determine the most effective advertising materials.

Types of Earnings in Casino Affiliate Systems

The most popular affiliate systems work according to three payment-calculation schemes:

PPA (pay per action)

The platform offers a fixed income for specific actions from a new user.

Most popular systems:

  • casino affiliate programs with registration fees;
  • sites that charge participants with a percentage of the deposit amount;
  • services that pay for a certain amount of lost bets.

Such a system allows affiliates to count on quick one-time profit. Advantages for the operator: guaranteed result and the ability to set payment limits for each clients’ action independently.

Percentage of income

Партнер проекта получает вознаграждение в виде процента от выручки заведения с приведенного игрока. Модель нацелена на долгосрочную перспективу и побуждает аффилиатов искать максимально заинтересованную и «качественную» аудиторию.

Mixed models

The platform combines both of the above earnings formats. Advantages of the system: rapid adjustment to the advertiser’s requests and the ability to build loyal, long-term relationships with partners.

Casino Affiliate Programs: Overview

Casino affiliate programs overview: the most successful projects

We also want to present the most successful affiliate projects that can promote your gambling business:

TOP 5 affiliate services for online casinos



Lucky partners

The project works on a pay-per-action basis: the webmaster can receive the payments of up to $150


The service provides the following payment options:

  • up to $100 for registering a new user
  • up to 30% of the player’s deposit amount
  • up to 50% of the institution’s net revenues for attracted gamblers


The project participant can receive up to $500 under the PPA scheme. Plus, additional revenue from casino income (40-60%)

888 Affiliates

The system traffic is aimed at promoting the most significant international and domestic poker rooms. Project participants receive up to $200 for each new client

Partner earning

Traffic from the website goes directly to seven major projects. The amount of commission deductions in the system reaches 75%. There is no penalty for negative periods (time of inactivity or constant winnings of a given client). The platform provides an additional option for earnings – a referral system with a rate of 5%


We hope our casino affiliate program overview will help you decide on the best product. If you find it challenging to come up with the final decision, don’t hesitate to resort to our specialists.

The Rosloto team always selects only the best available products for gambling startups of any format or develops exclusive systems that consider all your requests. We operate only with the proven tools and guarantee the high efficiency of each solution.

Building a business with Rosloto is a reliable way to receive a high-quality product, complete anonymity, and swift pay-off.

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