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The Rosloto Gambling License: What Do Operators Get?
Qualified advice
Assistance in choosing a jurisdiction and detailed reports on the financial situation, taxation systems, and the nuances of opening representative offices in other countries
The best partners and suppliers
A license from Rosloto means automatic access to the latest releases in the gambling market from the world’s leading suppliers and proven affiliate services
Full legal backing
Assistance in the collection and submission of documents to the selected jurisdiction, prompt resolution of controversial issues
Project launch in record time
You no longer need to wait from 2 to 6 months ― the sublicense will be received in a matter of days
Providers for gambling and betting business
Rosloto experts look for the software from the popular providers for the quick pay-off of your business
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About the Advantages of Working With our Team
  • Legal work
  • Confidentiality
  • Quick launch of the project
  • Prompt resolution of all technical and legal issues
  • A unique range of exclusive products
  • Full cost recovery already in 2-6 months of cooperation
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Where to Buy an Online Casino License: Favourable Offers from Rosloto

The Rosloto company offers its clients to order a turnkey online casino with a license. This approach will save you from many problems related to an independent interaction with gambling commissions. Also, this is a great way to optimise the budget and redirect the released funds to other purposes (advertising, purchase of gambling content).

One-click purchase!

Cooperation with Rosloto reduces the risk of the denial of a license. The main thing is to entrust everything to the professionals. We will help you buy a gambling license that suits your business aim the most.

Gambling License: Features

Gambling license for an online casino

Casino licensing is a form of the governmental regulation of entrepreneurial activity in the field of gambling. It is necessary to check all areas. Not only gambling clubs are subject to verification but also lotteries, betting on horse racing, poker tournaments, and other areas in the industry. Nevertheless, high risks and a decent profit in the future are associated precisely with the launch of your own casino, and therefore, this kind of business is always in the zone of close attention of the government.

The online gambling license is an official document that confirms the right to launch gambling projects in the country (district or region) where the permit is issued.

A casino license is issued for different periods, while internationally, there are no perpetual licenses.

Most jurisdictions adhere to one of two options:

  1. Issuance of an initial permit for a minimum period (for example, for 6 months). Further, the regulatory body (a commission, ministry or committee) checks if the licensee has fulfilled the necessary conditions. If everything is fine, the company will have to collect the package of documents once again. In case of a positive decision, a casino license is issued for a much longer period (for example, for 10 years).
  2. Issuance of a permit for a standard period of 3 or 5 years. Further, the licensee must annually renew the agreement and pay fees to the local treasury.

Why do Operators Need a Permit for the Casino Business?

Obtain a casino license with no stress

An online gambling license or a permit for any other type of gambling gives its holders the right to perform legal activities in the selected industry but beginning operators often doubt the advisability of obtaining a permit because there still are many illegal projects.

It is worth remembering that a casino license provides several undeniable advantages:

  • Cooperation with reliable banking institutions, obtaining short-term and long-term credits, and connection to SWIFT and IBAN international money transfers.
  • Purchase of the software and the game content from the world’s leading developers. Only licensed online casinos will be able to work with such well-known providers as Microgaming, Novomatic, Aristocrat, and many others, as well as to offer their best games on a gaming website.
  • Integration of secure and multi-functional payment modules. An online gambling license allows you to conclude contracts with a number of famous financial systems that are popular with players.
  • Ability to increase the level of loyalty to online casinos with a license from users, regulatory authorities, and business partners. Any player thinks of a legal gambling website as an honest and real way to earn good money or just have fun spinning the reels in his favourite slots.
  • International expansion. To open a licensed online gambling club is a great chance to firmly establish yourself in previously unavailable European, Asian, and American markets. Many entrepreneurs see permits of foreign jurisdictions as universal tools for scaling up their business.

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How to Choose a Tax Jurisdiction?

Launch an online casino with a license

Currently, licensed online casinos can be opened in several jurisdictions all over the world (in more than 80 countries). This opportunity is offered both by famous offshore territories and economically developed countries with a stable political situation.

In order not to be lost when choosing a jurisdiction, entrepreneurs should take into account the following factors:

  1. The geography of users of the virtual platform.
  2. The taxation policy of a particular jurisdiction.
  3. The amount that a businessman is willing to spend to buy a casino license.

Today, gambling is getting more and more popular. Traditional markets develop rapidly ― North America and Europe. A progressive Asian region is also attracting attention. Recently, there has been an increase in the income of the local population, and people are more and more interested in online gambling.

Eastern Europe looks promising: many countries, including Ukraine, are removing an embargo on online casinos.

In Europe and America, as it was before, there is a high level of solvency of gamblers, which means that these players will be able to spend money in your gambling establishment if you order a turnkey online casino with a license.

Purchase a casino

How Much a Casino License can Cost?

Prices depend on the specific legal framework. Typically, the cost varies from 15 thousand to 350 thousand dollars per year. Prestigious and respected jurisdictions require large sums but here, as a rule, the gambling license also has a longer period of validity. It is possible to offset expenses if a permit will be issued for 10―15 years.

Below, you can see the approximate costs of entrepreneurs who have decided to legalise their business in one of the authoritative jurisdictions and ordered their online casino license for sale.

The legal framework

The cost of a license, in thousands of dollars


27,7 (a permit of the 1, 2, and 3 type for one year) + 5,5 (a registration fee)


4,8 (a license for one year) + 3,8 (the registration of a company) + 1,2 (the application filing)

Costa Rica

15,0 (the annual fee for a license) + 1,5 (the annual due)


130,0 (the total cost for one year)


25,0 (the application filing) + 15,0 (software testing) + 10,0 (renewal of a permit)

The Isle of Man

45,5 (the annual renewal) + 6,3 (the application filing)

Requirements for the Applicants

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for a company that needs an online casino license. Applicants must confirm the registration, legitimacy, and financial security of their business.

The main nuances:

  • Many commissions issue permits only to those entrepreneurs who have registered gambling projects in their jurisdiction and have opened commercial accounts in a local bank. This approach is practised by Malta, Curacao, and other countries.
  • Close attention of the committees is given to the management team of the company. Thus, the local authorities of Gibraltar believe that only shareholders and senior managers with vast experience in the industry can apply for a license.
  • Hardware and software of the casino are always checked. All hardware and software must be certified according to international standards. This condition is included in the list of requirements of the committee of the province of Kahnawake (Canada).

There are also some positive aspects. For example, many jurisdictions (Malta, Austria) grant a residence permit to those business entities that have opened a legal gambling business on the territory of their countries.

How to Obtain an Online Casino License?

In conclusion, we would like to say that you can buy a casino license quickly and with cost-efficiently at Rosloto. We provide a full range of services related to the launch of gambling projects. We work with the best jurisdictions, and therefore, we are always ready to provide our customers with the most favourable terms.

One of the most popular solutions from Rosloto is a turnkey casino. Such a gambling platform has a license, a tested website with a cool design, a wide range of games, and reliable payment modules. Buy a licensed online casino from our company to receive a ready-made solution in the shortest period.

It has never been so easy to launch your own gambling project as it is with Rosloto!

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  • on Skype: rosloto_connect
  • in Telegram: @rosloto
  • via the feedback form.
Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
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