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How to Open a Bitcoin Casino?

It is worth recalling that Bitcoin is a digital currency that is created as a result of an exchange between its owners. Since Bitcoin is a virtual currency, it is not attached to any bank. The emission impossibility makes it protected from any inflation. In addition, the names of all Bitcoin owners will never be known to anyone, because cryptocurrency guarantees anonymity and confidentiality. Only financial wallets need to be registered.

How to start a bitcoin casino

Naturally, having such features, Bitcoin is becoming more and more requested in various economic sectors. It is so popular in the gaming business today that new gambling platforms using cryptocurrency begin to compete with each other. Incredible opportunities have opened up for activities in a new financial format, and for improving the gambling services quality. Rosloto offers its efficient Bitcoin casino for sale for entrepreneurs to receive maximum profit from the trendy solution.

The main features of Bitcoin 

  • Virtuality. The currency is formed on the Internet. It is created by users themselves, exchanging in a service reminiscent of a torrent, where many people can download files, music, and movies.
  • Anonymity. The absence of necessity to register new customers in a Bitcoin casino gives this currency some huge advantages. Not all users would like to disclose their personal data. Such a situation may become disastrous for many of them. Bitcoin guarantees anonymity to each client.
  • Protection against inflation. Bitcoin cannot be obtained in reality as a result of the emission, because, as mentioned above, it is a virtual currency. Therefore, its devaluation is impossible.
  • Independence. As has already been said, cryptocurrency does not depend on any land-based bank. Therefore, it is completely autonomous. This is a great Bitcoin’s advantage because the bank can neither block the account nor delay payments. Only users can manage their accounts and Satoshi.

Start a Bitcoin casino with the professional help of Rosloto.

Order a Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin Benefits

Why is Bitcoin casino better than others? What are its benefits? We can list some undoubted advantages of the Bitcoin casino software using the Slotegrator example. Its specialists are ready to integrate such software in the shortest possible time:

  • Confidentiality. Almost all sites, especially gaming platforms, require entering personal data during registration. Many users do not like this. The Bitcoin casino script guarantees its players complete and unconditional confidentiality and anonymity.
  • Guaranteed finance protection. Any client of a traditional online casino is required to register, indicating his or her personal data for verification and ensuring trouble-free operations with financial resources. Of course, the administrators of gaming sites are right, because there are more and more scammers who are ready to launder money by any means today. The customer’s data entered into the database will make it possible to monitor financial security. Bitcoin is initially protected thanks to the principle of its creation using ciphers.
  • The lowest bets. Bitcoin casino customers can bet very small amounts due to the special Bitcoin property. It can be divided into small parts. This feature was invented by Satoshi, the Japanese developer. For example, the bet can be equivalent to 0.02 dollars, which is especially suitable for users for whom the process of playing is more important than winning.
  • High-quality services. Bitcoin casinos are gaining immense popularity, and new gaming platforms are opening in many countries. The quality of services is of great importance. After all, gambling business owners need to entice users from standard casinos to their Bitcoin casinos. This is not an easy task. You have to improve your platform constantly, using new original methods. In the conditions of fierce competition, the quality of services is improving, moving forward to the development of Bitcoin technologies.
  • Volatility guarantee. Bitcoin is exactly the currency that is increasing in price steadily, that means that one Bitcoin, won two years ago costs ten times more today.
  • No risk of user blocking. Any online casino can block a user account in countries where gambling is prohibited. Bitcoin casinos cannot face such a situation, because it is impossible to find out the player’s IP address due to absolute anonymity. Bitcoin games will still be available to everyone.

How to start a Bitcoin casino? Contact the Rosloto experts and order our ready-made product.

Order a Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin Casino Software

The acquisition of software is the main thing in opening any casino. Large online casinos, which have an accumulated customer base, prefer to develop software with the help of their programmers. This is the right decision because their own specialists are well aware of all the features of the site.

However, many other sites decide to buy or order software from companies specializing in the development of special projects, including Bitcoin casinos. They may also rent Bitcoin casino software with additional opportunities for installing new plugins.

Of course, new technologies and changed stereotypes may cause some doubts among users, like other new and unknown things. Therefore, it can be difficult to attract players sometimes. Businessmen use unique methods to make their platforms more original. Pay attention to our unique Bitcoin casino software for sale to make your platform more original.

Nevertheless, intending to open a Bitcoin casino, any business owner acquires high-quality software that guarantees uninterrupted operation because only in this case, new users can stay on the site for a long time. Buy bitcoin gambling software at Rosloto and our long-standing partner providers.

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Experience of Other Companies: Can You Legally Open a Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin casino scripts are sold by professional and experienced development companies. Slotegrator offers a ready-made Bitcoin casino script. You can start your own successful business by integrating it. Besides, you may choose and install games from well-known Bitcoin casino software developers from the company's collection without wasting your time exploring them on other sites.

Slotegrator, a world-famous providers’ aggregator, uses a single protocol for game integration and guarantees its partner’s business protection.

Slotegrator, an online gambling solutions provider

Here are some advantages of opening a Bitcoin casino using the company specialists’ services:

  • High speed of financial operations, as well as trouble-free and quick withdrawal of funds.
  • One hundred percent guarantee of financial security due to the lack of intermediaries in transactions conducting.
  • Guarantee of quick Bitcoin conversion to any world currency and personalized withdrawal of funds in accordance with the user’s wishes.
  • The simplicity and convenience of using a digital wallet.
  • One hundred percent anonymity of each client.

Using the services of this company as an example, you can understand that the integration of Bitcoin casino software will not cause difficulties, and the partner company will always be ready to help with all issues until the launching of a new platform.

Bitcoin Casino Development: How to Enter the Market in Record Time

The gambling industry demonstrates an annual 7.9% revenue growth. A high level of payback and profitability of the industry requires working in tremendous competition conditions. Therefore, the operator should be very careful about choosing the format for entering the gambling market.

Independent Start

The process of creating a platform using the Bitcoin currency is almost no different from traditional gambling services development.

The actions of a novice businessman should be performed according to the following scenario:

  • gambling market analysis, identification of competitors' offers;
  • return on investment calculation, development of a business plan;
  • license purchasing;
  • casino software components acquisition;
  • gaming platform development;
  • gaming products selection and connection;
  • the site launching and its further promotion.

To ensure the operation of the Bitcoin casino, both parties to the transaction (operator and player) must have crypto wallet numbers.

It is worth noting that an independent start is the longest and the most expensive option, requiring an enormous amount of knowledge from a businessman in a wide variety of industries. To open online Bitcoin casino, you must be ready to spend several hundred thousand dollars and wait for six months or even several years (for example, licensing a new business takes about three months).

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Script Purchasing

The casino script is a “raw” code embedded in an existing site and providing cryptocurrency transactions. This is a convenient way to create hybrid services that support payments both in Bitcoin and in traditional financial systems (bank cards, electronic wallets). Moreover, the operator can use a single script to develop several standard projects.

The disadvantage of a cryptocurrency casino script solution is the high risk of becoming the owner of incorrect code. Do not forget about how much you may spend on casino software adapting, content setting up, legalizing, and promoting a gaming service.

White Label

In fact, this is a rental of a ready-made gaming platform with the ability to brand the service with your own logo. Such a decision is beneficial from an economic point of view — the operator will not have to pay for the development of an exclusive project and worry about jackpots. His or her main expense items are the promotion of Bitcoin casino and commissions for using the software.

Working with a standard project without the ability to change gambling opportunities, adjust the site interface, and add third-party options (such operations are paid extra) are the main disadvantages of this solution.

Turnkey Cryptocurrency Casino

This is an ideal working format for those who want to open Bitcoin casino. It will allow you to enter the market, avoiding many risks and pitfalls. Having ordered the project development using intermediary services, the operator receives a complete product that meets the strictest quality standards.

Turnkey Bitcoin casino is:

  • time saving (starting a project will take from a few weeks to several months);
  • unique logo (we offer several thumbnails for your future site’s design);
  • legal work (our team takes full responsibility for collecting documents and licensing the business);
  • financial benefits (turnkey development will cost several times cheaper than independent start);
  • technical support (prompt troubleshooting of any problems, free system updates, quick integration of new content, and much more).

It is worth considering the integrated marketing promotion and development of exclusive mobile applications as additional services (do not forget that more than 60% of the global traffic falls on personal gadgets).


It is necessary to add that Bitcoin casino transactions can be carried out in unlimited quantities in any country of the world, and such information will not be available to any tax service.

You can buy Bitcoin casino software from Slotegrator using the Rosloto services.

Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert

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