Is It Legal to Make a Gambling Site? Rosloto Expert Answers


First of all, you need to clarify what you mean by the creation of a website. Is it just about the development of a technical part or about the organization of a gambling business on the Internet? In any case, both activities will be illegal without a proper license but the responsibility that you will carry may be different.

Gambling licence for online casino

In the case of the development of websites and even the gambling software, you can be brought to responsibility as an illegal that does not fix his income and pay taxes. The court may impose a fine, an administrative sanction, and in some cases, even put violators under restraint.

But one can only guess what exactly will happen after the illegal development of a gaming site because:

  • you can be judged by different articles of law depending on what functionality did you put in the website;
  • each country has its own laws and restrictions, and therefore, what is allowed in one country can be punishable by a long prison term in the other.

If your question relates more to the organisation of online gambling, then everything is more serious. We can give you a simple example: in some Arab countries, such an action is punishable by life imprisonment.

But even if you are not going to open casinos in countries where gambling is strictly prohibited and do not have plans to attract traffic from such countries, the punishment for illegal gambling activities can still be extremely cruel.

Although it seems that the owners of online casinos cannot be traced, it is not at all true. Modern technologies allow you to find almost anyone on the network. Therefore, whenever it comes to the organisation of gambling, it is worth thinking about how to legalise the entire process.

In fact, you do not even have to obtain a gambling license by yourself. However, you will still have to register a business with the help of local municipal authorities. Large casinos openly offer operators to open a gambling website on the basis of a franchise or a White Label model.

This format assumes that your gaming site is added to a valid license of a provider, and you are considered its subsidiary. Therefore, from the first day of launch, you are conducting activities in an absolutely legal and transparent way. It is a perfect way if your aim is to develop your business.

To summarise, we would like to emphasise that everything depends specifically on your situation and ambitions. Send an e-mail to, and we will try to answer your questions in more detail.

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