How to Start an Online Casino in Alderney? Rosloto Expert Answers


Technically, to open an online casino in Alderney, you need to fulfil only three conditions:

  • to establish a company that will conduct gambling activities, and register it on the territory of Alderney;
  • create your own casino (make a website, connect games, etc.);
  • pass the licensing procedure from the Alderney regulator and obtain a permit to conduct gambling activities.

Open an online casino in Alderney

The Alderney regulator is called the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (abbreviated as AGCC) and is a party to the European forum on gambling market regulation and is also a member of the International Association of gambling regulators.

The peculiarity of this regulator is that it closely cooperates with law enforcement agencies and thinks over (as well as evaluates, introduces or cancels) the rules of gambling within the jurisdiction.

Such partnership helps to develop preventive measures against financial crimes. That is why the AGCC license is perceived as a real quality label in the world of online gambling. If the casino managed to get such a document, it emphasizes its serious attitude to work and a high level of customer service.

Merits of Alderney Gambling License:

  • low tax rate;
  • short terms of consideration of the application (only 2 months);
  • active state support for the gambling development and loyal attitude of the population to the casino as a whole;
  • international prestige and recognition of web casinos by both gamers and gambling software providers;
  • possibility to work legally all over the globe.

Types of Alderney Licenses

Jurisdiction Alderney issues 2 types of licenses:

For B2C Operators, i.e. Business → Customers

Firms with a license of this type can provide customer service, including the provision of gaming, financial, advertising services. The operator is obliged to record the personal data of each client and check his/her access to gambling in accordance with local safety rules.

The casino can either check the customers on its own (under a license of the second type) or transfer them to the contractor with the necessary permission from the regulator.

In this category of licenses there is a division into 4 types depending on the main field of the company’s activity:

  • full license (gambling, the organization of lotteries, accepting of bets as the bookmaker, the granting of sublicenses of the jurisdiction of Alderney are permitted);
  • granting authorization of the associates' activities;
  • provision of hosting services to gambling projects;
  • Internet club license.

The full license allows conducting legal gambling activities of any type without the need to obtain additional permits. Of course, like the other jurisdictions, this regulator puts forward its own demands for the licensing procedure. Thus, the full license of the 1st type is issued only to those companies that are registered on the territory of Alderney.

For Operators of B2B, i.e., Business → Business

The document allows to create, license and sell gaming platforms; provide outsourcing services to businesses, including customer support, solve organizational issues and be engaged in marketing.

Companies from Alderney and operators registered in other countries can also obtain a license of this type.

All the Operators (with any license type) Have to:

  • collect and store data only from a certified host;
  • if the hoster locates servers outside Alderney, the operator must rent or buy a transit server and ensure its operation within the jurisdiction (this is necessary in order to resolve the dispute situations; the regulator can request data from the server and indicate which of the participants in the dispute is right).

Online casino software

Besides, the regulator periodically conducts inspections (routine and unscheduled), so you should always be ready for an audit.

What Do You Need to Apply for a License?

When accepting documents for licensing, AGCC pays special attention to the candidate’s business plan and financial history. The company’s management should clearly understand what capital is needed to achieve the financial goals of the company, own such a resource and have a realistic perspective on how the company will develop.

The application form must include:

  • description of the site structure with detailed information about the methods of receipt the cash payments and transfers, as well as data on payment operators;
  • the full package of documents regarding the financial aspect of the company (articles of association, tax reports for the past periods, information on the amount of income);
  • recommendations from affiliates, commercial and banking structures (the best option is when you submit recommendations for the whole company and for each of the beneficiaries);
  • personal information about all founders, shareholders, top managers;
  • confirmation of experience in the organization of gambling business and entrepreneurship;
  • evidence of office existence (usually the rental agreement or receipt for payment of utilities are submitted);
  • a detailed business plan for 3-5 years, including a description of the company development, the estimated costs, revenues, marketing strategy, the required staff, etc.

How Does the Alderney Regulator Check the Operators?

The difference between licensing in Alderney and casino legalization in other jurisdictions is that the potential operator of the games is being tested in two stages:

  • The first: the reputation of the applicant and information about the partners involved in the project are under investigation. It is necessary to pay attention to the study of funding sources.
  • The second: is considered the previous commercial activity of the applicant and the availability of equipment and software necessary for the declared activity is also checked. The applicant must pass the internal control of ICS (this is necessary only for the jurisdiction of Alderney).

Such extensive and thorough verification ensures that all Alderney licensees are really serious about creating a casino and can be considered reliable partners. This becomes the basis for the confident development of the casino and its rapid growth. After all, major players trust only those companies that openly show registration documents and conduct transparent activities.

As for the cost, it depends on the type of license and starts from £17 500. Annual renewal — from £10,000. But remember that here you need to also add the office rent, hosting, server maintenance and human labour costs (consultations, translations, other related services).

Alderney suites perfectly for creating an online casino, if you have an impressive start-up capital at your disposal and also the great ambitions. However, be sure to consider other countries. Malta, Belize, Gibraltar and Curacao are likely to be cheaper and offer other opportunities, that are unique to these countries.

Since the choice of jurisdiction often depends on the casino owner goals, we recommend that you seek help from professionals who will tell you which country is better to choose for a novice businessman.

For instance, the Rosloto company have such professionals indeed. Here you will be helped not only with legal issues but also with casino software and promotion of the resource. All consultations are free, so you do not lose anything. Best of luck!

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