How Players Choose Online Casinos: Key Criteria


Although the Internet is full of all kinds of platforms, gamblers constantly visit one or two websites, without paying much attention to the variety of others. How players choose online casinos, and what operators should focus on? The Rosloto team will answer these questions.

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Why do Players Choose Online Casinos: 5 Main Reasons

Online casino: features of the choice

The criteria for choosing an online casino can be very different but accessibility has always been and still remains a key factor in favour of gaming sites.

If for being able to visit a land-based club, you need to spend time getting there, take into account the casino’s working hours, and carefully choose clothes, then the online casino availability will erase any boundaries. The game launches in a matter of seconds, and for being able to spin the reels or communicate with the dealer, you should not get out of a warm bed at all.

The reasons why players choose online casinos are:

  1. Round-the-clock game mode. The online casino availability allows you not only to launch your favourite gambling applications in different parts of the world — players can count on a user-friendly interface with different language versions, prompt customer support, and fast payments at online casinos regardless of geographical location or time of day.
  2. Free game. Gamblers are interested in how to win in an online casino but still, most users play not only for getting profit — they themselves need an opportunity to have fun. No land-based location can offer such a service as gambling without the registration and deposits.
  3. Confidentiality of online casinos. All user information is stored on remote servers and is protected by innovative encryption technologies. Players can fly under the radar by launching free games without the registration or identification on the gaming site.
  4. The selection of games. If a traditional gambling establishment can offer the gambling hall and several tables, then the assortment of virtual platforms varies from several tens to a couple of hundred solutions.
  5. Multicurrency services. Payments at online casinos can be made in almost any currency of the world, while land-based locations can only provide cash payments and the account charge in one or two types of currencies.

Online Casino Selection Criteria: What do Players Need

Online casino: selection criteria

The Rosloto team has prepared a comprehensive answer to the question of how players choose online casinos. Please find below the main factors by which gamblers can evaluate the casino platform:

Online Casino Reliability

The gaming site should provide not only licensed software. Casino owners have to provide failure recovery, professional customer support, and security guarantees.

Various encryption technologies, personal keys, and remote servers can be used as user data protection systems. Information on the casino license and certificates of gambling products should be publicly available.

Convenient Navigation

Even if the online casino reliability does not raise doubts, users can be scared off by the unsuccessful design and the abundance of advertising inserts. The navigation on the portal should be practical and intuitive, regardless of the interface language.

What should be in an online casino:

  • sections with the public information (for example, links to news, FAQ, payment services, personal account, news of the gambling market, and so on);
  • minimum advertising (if the website contains banners, pop-ups, and other promotional elements, visitors to the website will need to be able to close or skip uninteresting information to remain focused on the game);
  • personal settings (the ability to automatically save the optimal parameters of the game, information on the status, a quick shift to the personal account page, etc.);
  • registration field (it is worth adding buttons that can identify the person through the pages of social networks);
  • payment systems (the more services are presented on the gaming site, the wider is the audience);
  • user agreement (a detailed description of the rules of conduct on the website, the online casino privacy and confidentiality, information on the methods of depositing funds, limits, and the time for withdrawal of money).

Variety of Bets

When considering how to win in an online casino, gamblers are looking not so much for a way to earn money as for the opportunity to introduce a unique strategy into the game. And the variety of bets is perfect for testing original methods. For example, users can place bets not on the outcome of an event but on their table neighbour or the number of the sessions held.

Loyalty Programs

Land-based casinos do not pay gamblers for visiting them. And only payouts in online casinos are credited to the users’ account after their first active action on the website.

A casino platform can offer a set of bonuses:

Several kinds of loyalty programs that make the audience of an online casino wider

A bonus

A brief description

A welcome bonus

These are payments at online casinos, which are credited immediately after the registration or the first deposit

Short-term promotions

Thematic programs dedicated to a certain event (for example, free spins in celebration of the New Year holidays, an expanded range of bets, and much more)


Partial payback from the current losses

A VIP program

A set of solutions for those users who like to place large bets, for example:

  • access to private tournaments;
  • purchase of avatars;
  • additional playing time;
  • increased limits;
  • services of a personal manager

Customised solution

Gamblers are interested not only in the question of how to win in an online casino. Attention to clients is also very important. The feeling of pertinence can be created with the help of personalised messages and mailing lists, various game statuses, birthday greetings, and so on

The Range of Games

The range of games in an online casino

The usual “one-armed bandits” without storylines are gradually giving way to brighter and more memorable solutions, including:

  • thematic slot machines with several storylines and additional locations;
  • skill games where rewards depend not only on luck but also the experience of gamblers;
  • tournaments;
  • live broadcasts with the ability to communicate with dealers and partners in the games;
  • lotteries and bingo;
  • bets on artificial events and e-sports.

In Conclusion

Every year, dozens and hundreds of new gambling locations appear in the world arena. In the face of severe competition, casino operators must prove not only online casino privacy as service providers but also the fact that it is reliable. Besides, it is important to offer the audience a vast gaming experience.

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