Fraud in Online Casinos: an Evil That is Difficult to Put up With


Fraud in online casinos

Nowadays, there is a big set of tools that can be used to make sure that abusers do not have any chances.

Before we consider methods of combating fraud in gambling establishments, let us get a more detailed information on what hackers can do.

How Does Fraud in Online Casinos Look Like?

Fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways to make money. The most frequently used methods are:

  1. Chargeback. If customers use bank cards to deposit funds, they are able to recall payments. It is not profitable for the business but it is a perfect opportunity for abusers to play on real money for free.
  2. Stolen credit cards that were not abolished. It is one of the ways to launder money in carding (the data theft from bank cards). Also, it happens quite often when people lose their cards and forget to block them. The information that can be found on a credit card (its number, validity, and CVV) can be used for the transfer of money and, in particular, for depositing funds for an online casino account.
  3. Theft from honest gamblers. Many tricks are used by fraudsters to withdraw someone else’s money. It requires special skills since, usually, it is difficult to immediately understand what happened and how could it happen actually. The good news is that today there are many methods of combating fraud in online casinos, which helps to minimize risks.
  4. Machinations with bonuses. A large number of bonuses became the reason why today many cunning people create several accounts simultaneously to be able to get them over and over again.
  5. The most skilled fraudsters create mirror pages of the online casino website that is in the confidence of players. This is how they find out a login and a password and then withdraw funds from the accounts of gamblers. Such actions cause huge damage to the reputation of honest operators.

Methods of Combating Fraud in Casinos

The security of a gambling establishment should be a priority. By paying enough attention to this issue, operators protect both their casinos and visitors.

All self-respecting gambling establishments check their new clients. During the login procedure, users upload copies of documents to enable a casino to check a person and his place of residence. These are standard security precautions. However, the presence of copies of documents does not guarantee that new players will not start to sell smoke. Besides, today it is not a problem to find false scans.

Fraud in an online casino should be punished by the deletion of the account. If such a casino belongs to a group of gambling establishments, fraudsters should be blocked in all of them. For more security, online casinos exchange the information between each other. However, the effect of such actions is not so huge since nowadays new casinos appear almost every day. This is why it is better to wait for more strict and stern measures.

This is the reason why we need organizations that deal with users’ identification. All people who will try to offend the security of an online casino will be registered in a specific database. Newly-appeared gamblers will be checked with the help of such a database. If a user did some machinations before, he will be not allowed to visit the online casino and register himself. Apart from the gambling business, these companies provide services to financial institutions, retail networks, social networks, etc.

The Lovation company is considered to be the best in this field today. It has created not only the catalogue of names but also the list of devices from which the accounts of fraudsters where registered and criminal acts were committed. For these reasons, new users undergo a double-level checkout of both documents and devices.

Also, it is possible now to install the software, which will help you to track actions of gamblers and their unusual behaviour. If you find a fraudster in due time, it will be possible to save not only time and money but also nerves.

Methods of combating fraud in casinos

Fraud in Online Casinos: How to Protect Yourself and Your Players?

Low-income gamblers try to trick casinos more often. According to statistics, they live mostly in Eastern European countries. However, if we speak about the rebellion of threats, it is not right to focus on the geographical factor. Probably, a successful resident of a developed country would also want to earn more money, who knows?

First of all, it is important to give employees of casinos a good motivation. All situations that arouse suspicion needs to be spotted. A risk should be assessed on the basis of the relevant, without any subjective perception. If you are looking for a software vendor, do not forget to discuss with him all business arrangements in advance. For example, does he deal only with engineering controls or can he also help in the software management? If so, the purchased technology will be used to the maximum.

Just pay more attention to the security of the gambling establishment and the control of fraud, and everything will be fine.

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