End of The Flash Era, or Why HTML5 Games Are So Popular


The programming language of HTML5 is known to IT professionals and many ordinary users. However, only a few people know that HTML5 is a new, revolutionary branch in the development of applications and games development. HTML5-games became a leader among Flash-games and forge ahead on the market. A lot of companies are engaged in their production. One of the leaders in this branch is a well known 2WinPower.

Advantages of the HTML5 games from 2WinPower

We Offer You The Top 9 Advantages of HTML5 Games:

  1. You can download HTML5 games without any problem on mobile devices of different types. Mobile phone, tablet, netbook - no matter what your device is. You can always enjoy playing your favorite games.
  2. You can download HTML5 games on your computer without requiring the presence of additional applications, utilities, and plug-ins. This is the advantage over Flash games.
  3. Developing HTML5 games is a process that takes less time than Flash equivalents. This makes our life easier: for creators and users.
  4. HTML5 games rarely cause problems. As a rule, they run on any device and work without hanging. Flash games, especially new ones, often function incorrectly due to excessive demands. Therefore, the creation of HTML5 games is a process that does not require developers to account for the functionality of gadgets. That is why for users, the advantages are obvious.
  5. The development of HTML5 games involves the use of JavaScript technology in applications. This allows you to use vector graphics in SVG games. SVG makes possible to adapt the game graphics to any other device, without losing the quality of the picture. This is why browser-based HTML5 games are equally correctly displayed both on the PC monitor and on the displays of tablets and smartphones.
  6. Browser HTML5 games are easily adapted to a blog platform of any type. This feature provides great opportunities for advertising. Thanks to that, the game can be open on any partner site without installing additional plug-ins.
  7. A large number of devices, running on Android platforms and iOS, do not support Flash games. That is why the creation of the HTML5 games was a real «breath of fresh air» for the owners of Apple and Android devices. Many marketing studies have shown that companies that focus their attention exclusively on flash technology lose their audience. For example, the office informed that 20% of all downloads of web pages are from mobile devices.
  8. The development of HTML5 games is also beneficial because it makes possible to use SEO. It is impossible to withdraw any information from Flash games.
  9. The technology of creation of HTML games is being modernized, which allows us to use more and more new opportunities. In the end, all the benefits are felt by both producers and consumers. Creators get a high demand for games and applications of a new generation, and users also get a high-quality universal product.

Development of HTML5 Games

The creation of this type of games is a relatively new, but rapidly growing area of activity. Many developers already have in their portfolio a lot of applications. Among them 2WinPower company, where you can easily order the development of such games.

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The active promotion of HTML5 games on the market is the path of progressive companies that correspond to the time and monitor current trends in the gaming area.

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