Casino Traffic: Features of Accounting and Arbitration


Owners of gaming sites are interested in the attraction of users because high-quality casino traffic is the main source of income for online gambling platforms. Moreover, the increase in the number of visitors will help them to find business partners, advertisers, and investors.

The redirection of visitors to a gaming site (casino arbitration) can become a source of stable income for both casino operators and those webmasters who “merge” traffic.

Traffic for a casino: аccounting and аrbitration

Experts of Rosloto can tell you about the accounting of the attendance on gambling platforms, sources of the high-quality traffic, and its arbitration.

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Accounting of the Traffic of a Gaming Site

By tracking the parameters of attendance of a gambling resource, the website owner can make timely changes to the promotional program and achieve great results. For this purpose, Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica services are often used.

And Topvisor and SimilarWeb PRO are high-quality support programs. 

Systems collect the following data:

  • traffic sources;
  • frequent requests;
  • the average time of the game session;
  • geography of visitors;
  • the age of the target audience.

The analysis of this information allows you to determine how effective the casino arbitration is, how the resource works, and what should be done for its development.

What is Casino Traffic: the Main Types

Depending on how gamblers get to the gaming site, the following types of traffic are distinguished:

  1. Direct. Visitors come to the resource from favorites or after entering their address in the search box of the browser.
  2. Advertising. To get to the website, Internet users click on the banner that they are interested in. This is paid traffic for the casino.
  3. Referral. Gamblers come from other resources via affiliate links.
  4. Organic. This is the natural casino traffic — visitors who came to the gaming site because of the results of the search engines.

The choice of promotion strategy depends on the number of users who regularly visit the resource, and on the quality of traffic. It is important to attract truly interested people who can become real customers — the target audience.

Casino Traffic Arbitrage: Why Gambling

Traffic arbitration of a casino: benefits

In the gambling industry, there is a lot of money. In this field, not only owners of the business can earn good money but also their partners who are pouring traffic to the casino.

There are several reasons to pay attention to this particular activity:

  1. A variety of affiliate programs. Webmasters can choose the most favorable terms for cooperation.
  2. A large selection of the desired actions. The commission is paid for the registration of users, replenishment of funds, and the burnt bets. Today, there are popular offers for which an interest of both the first and all subsequent deposits are accrued.
  3. High pay for the actions. Each of them can bring partners from 7 to 10 Russian rubles.
  4. Understandable reasons for the target audience. Gamblers want to get the adrenaline rush and money, which means that the choice of promotional material is extensive.

There are no perfect schemes of earning, and casino traffic arbitrage has its disadvantages. It is more complicated than in other spheres of action because of the legal restrictions and prohibitions.

Besides, owners of the gambling business make high demands to the quality of traffic. If it does not meet the agreed key performance indicators (KPI), partners may not receive their commission.

Description of the Target Audience

Effective casino traffic arbitrage is possible only if partners clearly understand on which users it is necessary to focus on.

Statistical indicators of the target audience




From 25 years

The income level

Above the average

The interest area

Expensive cars, spoils of affluence, and cinematograph


CIS countries

Priority should be paid to users from Russia because, among them, there is the largest number of wealthy people

It makes sense to focus on the target audience from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia, and other post-Soviet states are less promising

Do not focus on the audience under 25 years old and those users who are looking for easy ways to make money on the Internet. As a rule, these are people with low paying capacity.

Earnings on Affiliate Programs

Earnings on affiliate programs

The general scheme for pouring traffic to the casino consists of 3 stages.

Webmasters need:

  1. To choose an offer.
  2. To get traffic and pour it to a gambling resource.
  3. To analyze and optimize the process.

There are several models of work under the affiliate program but there is a universal one — the Accrual of commission fee for specific desired actions. It is less risky and suits for most of the webmasters.

Where Does Casino Traffic Come From: the Best Sources

  • Websites for people. Solvent customers come from here but the cost of the creation and promotion of such resources is high. Moreover, there is always a risk of falling under the sanctions of Roskomnadzor.
  • Doorways. The arbitration of casino traffic is possible from these platforms but its quality leaves room for improvement, and the “lifespan” of the resources is rather short.
  • Contextual advertising. This is a great source of traffic but you will have to face difficulties due to the specifics of the gambling legislation.
  • Advertising on social networks. There are some difficulties due to the prohibitions and restrictions but there are ways to overcome them. For example, you can attract traffic to your personal profile on Instagram and publish stories about winnings and provide a link to your partner — a gambling club.
  • Telegram channel. Here, the same schemes as in social networks work but the risk of blocking is higher.
  • YouTube and Twitch. Themed videos attract many gamblers, and the affiliate link can be placed in the description and comments. This way is quite simple so it can be a real “plum” for operators.
  • Teaser networks. This is a popular source of traffic (however, a rather expensive one). There are nuances here that you will have to find out from the manager of the selected network.


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