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Do you want to own a gambling business in two days? With a franchise from Rosloto, it is very easy: just leave an application to our managers and start a gambling project right now.

The Purchase of a Casino Franchise: Advantages for Operators
A ready-made product
You get access to all the internal systems of the platform, a wide range of analytical tools, a large selection of the game content, and convenient marketing services
Technical support
Provision of the operability of the service, feedback from users, updates of the gambling system
Minimum commission fees
Rosloto guarantees attractive cooperation conditions
Protection against big prizes
Jackpots are paid out by the franchisor
Legal work
Operators are granted a sublicense of the parent company
Project launch in two days
This time is enough to sign the contract and develop the logo of your website
Providers for gambling and betting business
Rosloto experts look for the software from the popular providers for the quick pay-off of your business
All providers
Why is it Beneficial to Work With Us?
  • Individual approach
  • Loyal pricing policy
  • Perfective maintenance at all stages of cooperation
  • A wide range of exclusive developments
  • Access to the best affiliate systems
  • Guaranteed security and privacy
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Just rely on our professionalism, and all you are left to do is to enjoy the result and calculate the profit from our cooperation!

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Online Casino Franchise: A Great Way to Start Your Business in the Gambling Industry

Launching a casino under a franchise agreement is a promising area, and its popularity is growing every day. The Rosloto specialists can help you understand the features of such a solution, its benefits, and advantages. Start an online casino business with our help to become a respectable participant of the gambling market.

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What is an Online Casino Franchise?

Opening a franchise online casino

A casino franchise is a bilateral legal agreement that gives the exclusive right of a company to use the existing brand of another company. In fact, the parties to the concession agreement are the seller (franchisor) and the buyer (franchisee). It is an excellent possibility for a beginning operator to start an online gambling business on a low budget.

The franchisee gets the right to work under the patronage of the selected gambling brand, use its name and policy. In parallel with this process, the franchisor receives a certain fee, specified by the terms of the contract.

The amount of payments consists of two parts:

  • A lump-sum payment is a fixed one-time fee. It is calculated as the sum of all expenses of the seller incurred in the provision of the service.
  • A royalty is paid periodically, the size and calculation method are set by the terms of the contract. Most often, this is a certain percentage of the gambling business turnover, which is credited to the seller’s account once a month or quarterly. In some cases, to calculate the percentage, not the online casino revenue is used, but its margin. The size of royalties is indicated in the contract as a fixed amount for a certain period much less frequently.

Franchising Benefits

Opening a franchise online casino is a profitable investment that allows you to reach high rates of return in the shortest possible time. If you do not know how to start an online casino cheaply, choose this option without doubts. The main secret lies in the fact that the seller remains extremely interested in the success of the buyer.

The higher the profit of the online casino franchise, the more bonuses the parent company will receive. Therefore, the franchisor implements only high-quality solutions, provides comprehensive advice at all stages of cooperation, and is constantly working on improving the quality of contractual relations.

Work on a franchise program involves:

  • Quick launch of a virtual service. In fact, this process will take you about two or three weeks.
  • Budget optimization. The lump-sum fee includes the cost of buying software, obtaining a license, and creating modern software. You do not need to pay extra. The acquisition of all services in the complex allows you to save a lot, which is critically important for the new casino.
  • Detailed counselling. It is included in the price of the online gambling franchise agreement. As practice shows, operators have a lot of legal, marketing, and technical issues in the first months of work. A highly professional contact centre operates under the franchisor’s support and is always ready to help.

Online Casino Franchise Cost

The cost depends on the experience and popularity of the parent brand. The better these indicators are, the more the buyer will have to pay. Top gaming portals are in demand among people wishing to open their own gambling business. On the other hand, the customer can be confident in the impeccable quality and effectiveness of the ready solution.

The cost is also affected by the bundle of services and the availability of a license. A lot of things depend on the country where the franchisor is legalized. The more money was spent earlier, the greater the amount the brand will want to receive in the future, including through lump-sum payments of subsidiary partners.

How to start an online gambling business at low cost? Choose a franchise. Its price varies from several thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. In this case, the connection between the amount of money spent and the effectiveness of the obtained gambling product is traced.

Comparison with Other Online Casino Launch Methods

Ways to launch an online casino

Opening a gambling franchise online casino is not the only way to launch a successful gambling resource.

There are at least four options that are suitable for both beginners and experienced business people:

  1. Independent creation of the new online casino. This method will require great endurance, as well as a lot of time and finances. You must go through all the stages to launch your casino, from registering a legal entity and obtaining a license to buying games and promotions.
  2. Buying a turnkey online platform at Rosloto. This approach requires a one-time payment, after which the customer receives a fully equipped solution with wide functionality. The company takes responsibility for all basic options, such as software development, obtaining permission to operate, the purchase of slot machines.
  3. Purchasing a casino script. This is the technical framework of the service in the form of program code, which, if used correctly, can be integrated into a gambling site easily and quickly.
  4. Casino rental. This simple solution is ideal for many operators who want to gain experience before entering the market with their own product.

Each of the methods is optimal in a particular situation. The following pattern can be noticed: the more money the customer spends, the more independent the resource he or she will receive.

How to Choose a Decent Franchise?

Choosing an online casino franchise

Nowadays, well-thought-out online casino franchise opportunities are associated with a reliable parent company. Such a firm appreciates ​​its reputation, so it is unlikely to offer low-quality solutions. However, novice franchisors are selling unfinished products quite often. The terms of such contracts are contrary to basic legal principles.

You should be alerted by the partner’s reluctance to provide complete information about the franchise. Another common violation is the requirement of prepayment before signing the contract and the start of preparatory work. Before you buy casino franchise, you should read the reviews about the franchisor and find out about its implemented projects.

Collaboration with top companies is the best choice for gambling industry beginners. However, it is worth noting that very often, some companies do not want to cooperate with small firms. In this case, you should contact a certified provider, your reliable assistant in all matters related to franchising.

Rosloto Opportunities

Rosloto offers a casino franchise for cooperation. We have great experience in the gambling industry. Therefore, we offer only the best products and optimal solutions for the gambling business.

Collaboration with Rosloto is beneficial for several reasons:

  • A wide range of solutions. We offer not only an online casino franchise for sale but also a turnkey online platform. Our online casino scripts, affiliate programs, and marketing services are very popular among many users.
  • Working with leaders of the gambling sphere. These are the best software providers, as well as game and mobile application developers.
  • An individual approach to each client, taking into account the specifics of the brand, its capabilities, and wishes.

Contact us and learn more about Rosloto's offers such as online gambling business for sale. Working with us opens up new perspectives and opportunities for each customer.

Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert

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