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  1. 1. What You Need to Know About Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) Betting Shop
  2. 2. Bingo Boom Franchise Program
  3. 2.1. The Price of the Bingo Boom Franchise
  4. 2.2. Franchise Alternative
  5. 3. The Interface of the Bingo Boom Online Betting Shop
  6. 3.1. The Service Sign in Rules
  7. 4. The Rules of the Game in the Bingo Boom
  8. 5. Pre-match and Live Betting
  9. 6. Bingo Boom Gaming Products
  10. 6.1. Bonus System from Bingo Boom
  11. 7. The Description of the Bingo Boom Payment System
  12. 8. Summary

Bet Boom (Bingo Boom): Sale of Software for Betting Shops

Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) betting shop has offered for users a completely new format of betting services. The brand began its work in 2011 and just in five years took the position of the largest betting player in the Russian market, gaining the trust and respect of hundreds of thousands of users. The main reason for such a success, as experts believe, is a combination of loyal playing conditions and impeccable reputation.

Bingo Boom betting shop

The company positions itself as the largest participant in the betting market in Russia. In the Bingo Boom stuff work more than 8 thousand people. License points of this brand operate in 600 cities of the country and serve more than 300 thousand active participants.

The Rosloto company offers to join the successfully developing Bingo Boom network and become a part of the franchise system on the most attractive terms. You can place an order for the best betting products, download a free demo version of the software from Bingo Boom and buy a casino with an exclusive design.

Demo version

What You Need to Know About Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) Betting Shop

Bingo Boom is a relatively new brand that has a full package of license permits for carrying out activities in online and offline formats (all supporting information is published on the official online portal of the betting shop).

Special attention should be paid to the network security system: the official website of the company uses a special encryption protocol with a 256-bit key. In addition, the site has a section of tips for users, which indicates ways to protect personal data further.

Bingo Boom betting shop benefits

Bingo Boom has developed a unique affiliate system that allows entering the betting market with minimal initial investments. The company offers to become the owner of the franchise and start own business in just a few days. Read more about the peculiarities of the affiliate program further in the article.

Bingo Boom Franchise Program

Signing a contract with Bingo Boom, a novice entrepreneur receives not only a set of betting software but also comprehensive support in solving legal and technical issues, finds out about the ways of developing a new betting shop.

The Bingo Boom franchise package includes the following aspects:

  • work under a recognizable brand;
  • legal support, consulting services and technical support during the whole period of cooperation;
  • assistance in the development of an effective strategy and business plan with the calculation of payback and a set of financial forecasts;
  • ready-made brand book (materials for the halls design, advertising inserts, advertising layouts, development for the signboards design and creation a united style of a betting shops network;
  • a detailed piece of advice on the purchase of gaming equipment and its subsequent connection;
  • advertising support and recommendations for the promotion of a new point;
  • consulting service;
  • official introduction to the license as a partner;
  • list of affiliate services specializing in the supply of facility, document management, advertising campaigns;
  • standard betting line and admittance to exclusive Bingo Boom products;
  • access to the partner’s personal account on the official website.

The Price of the Bingo Boom Franchise

This is the main question asked by aspiring entrepreneurs. For the moment, the cost of a ready-made betting project with the brand Bingo Boom is about 3.5 million roubles (the national average). At the same time, most of the start-up capital will be spent on the purchase of betting software, rent and registration of premises.

As additional expenses, you will be charged a commission fee for the use of branded materials:

  • royalty rate (about 15% of the point income);
  • sublicense service (about 30 thousand roubles per month).

With the correct approach in business, start-up investments will pay off after three to six months of work.

Franchise Alternative

If the operator is not interested in working under another brand but is still satisfied with the quality of services, it is always possible to rent or buy branded Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) software. A striking example is the well-known company 1xBet. The provider has its own betting network while offering its customers exclusive Bingo Boom products line.

1xBet betting provider

The Interface of the Bingo Boom Online Betting Shop

The real professionals of their craft were engaged in the creation of Bingo Boom virtual platform. The official website of the brand pleases with the elegant simplicity and conciseness of lines. A pleasant style of information and an exclusive set of gaming services make the site recognizable and very popular.

Among the main features of the service should be highlighted:

  • carefully thought-out style with clear readable fonts and colourfully decorated descriptions for each game;
  • large selection of entertainment content (more on this issue below);
  • an extensive section with detailed and clear rules;
  • availability of special animated videos describing each of the gambling offers;
  • convenient navigation.

The Service Sign in Rules

The registration procedure is divided into three levels:

  • creating an account on the online platform;
  • registration of e-wallet with the status of the highest identification;
  • confirmation of identification (the status of the wallet can be confirmed in the nearest land-based betting Bingo Boom shop, in the cabin of the Eurosetʹ operator or directly on the electronic payment service website).

The Rules of the Game in the Bingo Boom

Bet in virtual betting shops and can be done on 22 sports directions at once. At the same time, the number of available sports is constantly increasing. Only those categories that are exposed to the betting line are directly displayed on the web resource. For instance, if the events are not expected in the immediate future, the name of the sports competition disappears. The same applies to the lines.

At first glance, it might appear that the brand offers a very limited number of services. But users are offered only those lines on which competitions take place within the current 48 hours. This approach applies to all sports.

In most cases, the following types of rates are used for betting:

  • the primary outcome;
  • combined events;
  • total;
  • handicap.

The average margin of the bookie is 6%.

Pre-match and Live Betting

In the line for the Bingo Boom pre-match offers about 30 kinds of sporting events with a description below average. It should be noted that the main focus is made on football matches (about 270 options, including common and Asian totals, bets on statistics, time frames and much more).

The average margin is 5%.

If to speak about the live-format, the site does not have the option of the video broadcast. To collect current statistics, customers are provided with a pretty interesting graphical Match Tracker. The tracking system displays not only detailed statistics but also the most dangerous moments of the game.

The average margin for live bets is 5.5%.

Bingo Boom Gaming Products

The company has offered for gambling fans a fairly wide assortment, that differs with its good quality and ability to run in online mode. On the side of the playing field is displayed a counter, which contains information about the stage of gameplay and the start time of the next session.

The Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) betting shop is ready to offer:

Bingo Boom Gaming Content

Game Title

Brief Description

Money Wheel

The wheel spins every 30 seconds. Deposits are made on one of the 7 sectors of the wheel. Next to the playing field is displayed statistics with the frequency of dropping certain positions during the last 100 spins

Lucky Line

Entertainment closely resembles a lottery draw: the ticket of the player must contain the match from three to six numbers in a row. Price line is calculated by the number of lottery balls

Bingo Boom and Bingo Boom 2

Entertainment can be compared with the classic bingo format: the compare announces the number, and the player crosses it out of his ticket. The aim of the game is to cross out the 5 lines before the fallout of barrel of the seventies

Poker Boom

The bets are set up on the winning hand, one card suit or their combination. The broadcast takes place in real time, and all winning combinations are displayed immediately on the table

Bingo 37

Entertainment is created on the basis of European roulette, but the wheel has been transformed into a lottery machine, issuing balls with numerical values. The process is automated

Battleship and Battleship 2

This is the original hybrid of bingo and Battleship: the client buys a ticket, which contains ships with numbers. The task is more than straightforward — to “drown” the enemy fleet by the erasure numbers

From Russia with love

An interesting variation of the classic one-armed bandits, but instead of the traditional reels, the slot symbols are displayed on the balls of the lottery machine

Bingo X

Entertainment is based on the classic rules of bingo, but there are some peculiarities, which can be found on the official website of the betting shop

Keno and Keno 2

The user orders a ticket with a unique row of numbers that will help him get the win

Bonus System from Bingo Boom

The betting company offers its players the only option of incentives — a free bet in the amount of 500 roubles. To receive the bonus, the user must complete the registration procedure. The prize fund is awarded as a free bet. When drawing a deposit, the player receives the number of winnings, less the donated free bet.

The Description of the Bingo Boom Payment System

For replenishing the game account, the following funds are available:

  • credit cards Visa/MasterCard;
  • mobile transfer;
  • updating in the Eurosetʹ mobile phone shops;
  • transactions from Qiwi e-wallet.

Only two forms for cash out of winnings are available — on credit cards and on the virtual wallet. In this case, the transfer time can reach 5 calendar days, and the tax of 13% is automatically deducted from the amount of the prize.

The lowest deposit replenishment must not be less than 100 roubles. The highest amount is not limited, and all costs of internal transactions are covered by the operator.

The minimum cash out amount is 100 roubles. The maximum daily transaction of winning:

  • 100 thousand roubles — for banking operations and e-wallets;
  • 15 thousand roubles — for mobile operators.

As the main and only currency Bingo Boom accepts the Russian roubles.


The Bet Boom (Bingo Boom) brand has a fairly wide range of products and offers its customers not only classic bets on the outcome of sports events but also unique entertainment using the lottery terminal.

Advantages of the company — impeccable reputation, popularity, respect of the audience and very favourable conditions for partners. Rosloto specialists are ready to provide detailed advice and a description of each product of interest. By contacting us, you can get not only detailed information about the Bingo Boom franchise but also download a free demo version of the betting software.

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Author: Clara Hazel
iGaming business expert
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