Attracting and Retaining Players in Online Casinos: Recommendations from Rosloto


Online casino operators invest up to 50% of their income in the promotion. These are enormous expenses. However, it is impossible to operate without them because the competition in the gambling business is higher than in many other areas of entrepreneurial activities. New sites with slot machines appear every day, so customers can choose among a lot of variants. Therefore, they are ready to spend money only on the best gambling platforms.

To achieve high casino conversions rates, operators have to use new methods for attraction and retaining users. The main task of site owners is to acquire as many regular visitors as possible and motivate them to place bets. This is not easy, because customers can play slots for free on many sites.

How to achieve high online casino conversions rates

The Rosloto specialists propose you to learn more about the most effective marketing tools that can help you succeed in the gambling business and make good profits.

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How Online Casino Design Affects Player Engagement 

Online casino operators are making a lot of effort to attract as many visitors as possible. To do this, they are expanding catalogues of gaming content, develop and implement new promotion methods. Online casino design plays an essential role here. The casino appeal and convenience of the official site interface depend on it.

The main wishes of the players:

  1. Simple and clear casino registration form. The desire of the user to place bets conveniently is absolutely normal. This feature may become very beneficial for the operator. Make sure the registration process is exceptionally comfortable. Do not complicate it.
  2. Notifications about tournaments, promotions, and bonus offers. Operators must invest in developing loyalty programs. This approach will maximize the number of potential customers.
  3. High-quality image. A beautiful online casino design with good graphics will bring success to your business.

Thinking about the design of your casino, you should pay special attention to the logo. It is better to entrust its creation to experienced professionals.

A good logo should be:

  • simple;
  • appropriate from the target audience's point of view;
  • restrained;
  • recognizable.

If the logo and casino design are memorable, users will come back to the site every time they see your platform’s advertisement.

The Features of the Style

The casino appeal depends on some characteristics of casino website design largely. You need to consider the way of thinking of your target audience when choosing them.

As a rule, such design features are used:

  • the illusion of the players and dealers presence;
  • blinking lights;
  • dimmed lighting;
  • specific audio support (music, coin, and cash register sound).

Each of these elements can work on holding players in a casino if they are not too intrusive.

Adding a few bright touches (red velvet or soft lights) is the right solution. Nevertheless, do not make the virtual establishment look like a copy of the real one.

Colour Palette

Psychologists have proved that colours have a significant influence on the human subconscious. The casino website design should be implemented in restrained colours, without psychedelic shades that can cause irritation and eye fatigue.

It is worth designing a site using black, blue, red, and green tints without adding unnecessary elements. Avoid sharp contrasts. The players will be pleased to visit your resource, and this fact will help you increase the casino player conversion.

The Site Navigation and Structure

The casino conversions depend on their navigation features. Make sure that your resource has a large selection of different entertainments, and each of them is placed in the corresponding catalogue. Remember that the visitor will be disappointed without finding the desired game and will have to search for another gambling website.

The online support service should be available to each client. Therefore, make sure that players need only a couple of clicks to contact consultants.

The register online casino games, customer support, and blog sections should be clearly visible.

Convert Players to Online Casinos 

How to attract and retain online casino players

The conversion of players in is evaluating in two formats:

  1. The percentage of registered users in relation to the total number of visitors. If the indicators are low, the operator should make more efforts to attract targeted traffic to the site. It is also worth making sure that online casino registration is simple, clear, and convenient.
  2. The percentage of players who have opened deposits, compared to the total number of registered customers. To increase this indicator, you can offer bonuses for registration and depositing.

Retention of Players in Online Casinos 

The more regular customers, the higher the income of the gambling establishment. Therefore, the holding players in a casino is the main task of the operator. Let us consider the most effective tools.

Time Limits for In-Game Events

The essence of this method is in offering prizes to customers. They can be received only at certain periods. Bonuses are rewarded for specific actions performed on the site (for example, participation in games and tournaments).

It is essential to conduct an advertising campaign that will attract the attention of both new customers and those who have stopped visiting the resource.

Push Notifications

Remind your customers about tournaments and promotions using a special application. However, remember that these notifications should not irritate your users. It is better to use humorous messages.

This effective marketing tool can increase the rate of interaction between the site and the audience by 40%.

CRM Systems

The retention of players is possible only if the operator understands their needs. He or she needs to explore the detailed statistics for this purpose. CRM systems collect information about customers. Thanks to it, you can predict user behaviour and select the best instruments for interacting with your audience.


A well-thought-out loyalty program can increase the income of a gambling platform significantly. Consider the most popular types of promotions.



Rewards for specific customer actions

Most often, casinos practice accruing free spins or other bonuses for first and repeated deposits, attracting a friend, etc.

Free game

The site provides access to the game that is played without making real bets. It may be permanent or offered as a reward


If the casino returns part of the money spent on bets to the user's account, it helps the upset client feel better. As a result, he or she will continue playing

Activity bonus points

The site may offer bonus points for specific actions. Then they can be exchanged for prizes

How the Registration Form Affects Player Retention 

It is essential to make an online casino registration form as simple as possible. Visitors do not trust unknown gambling resources, so they try to avoid entering unnecessary personal data. There were many cases when this information was sold for advertising purposes, so the concern of the customers is obvious. Besides, they do not want to waste their time.

Try to simplify the casino registration form. It should include as few fields as possible. Request only the minimum data needed for the creation of a new account.

Tech Support for Online Casinos 

Technical support service for an online casino

Tech support in online casinos should work around the clock, without days off. The clients want to get feedback and solutions for their problems as quickly as possible. Otherwise, poor-quality support services can offend and humiliate your users. It can lead to the emergence of negative reviews on thematic sites and affect the reputation of the website. Therefore, do not forget about the importance of online casino support services.

The quality of online casino support is determined by the following criteria:

  1. The speed of response on user requests. The faster the casino support service answers the customer, the better. Such an approach can prevent many problems.
  2. Website operating monitoring. If a user complains about technical problems, the online casino support lies in finding and eliminating the causes of errors. They can be associated with system failures, as well as incorrect client actions. In the second case, the operators must provide detailed instructions on solving some issues to the client. 
  3. Verification of documents. When depositing/withdrawing funds, payment systems request scanned copies of passports and ID codes. The casino support service must perform the client’s identification procedure according to the accepted algorithm.
  4. Payments, prizes, and bonuses. The online casino support service is responsible for the winning accruals and withdrawals.

In addition to solving problems and answering questions, operators must inform the clients about upcoming promotions and tournaments, focusing on customer statistics. Such proactive technical support may help you improve the reputation of your website and increase your income.


Attracting and retaining players is a rather complicated task. It must be carried out continuously. Otherwise, visitors will search for another, more interesting resources. To achieve high popularity, you need to invest a lot of time, effort, and money in your project. The Rosloto team offers you to save your money without sacrificing business development.

We are ready to develop and implement a long-term strategy. It will help you increase targeted traffic, conversion, and profit. Our employees will analyse different instruments and select a set of marketing tools that will be relevant and effective for your web resource.

We propose turnkey casino development. You will receive a high-quality platform with convenient navigation and well-thought-out online casino design. Moreover, we are engaged in solving the issues associated with support services organizing and many other problems that may arise in the gambling industry. We are waiting for your call or message!

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